Classic bedroom

Classic bedroom

The decor of the bedroom should create an atmosphere of privacy and peace, contribute to a comfortable stay. Classic style for the bedroom is ideal for this task. Classic bedroom furniture can be different — from strict antique lines to luxurious curves, using carved convex elements decorated with golden patina. A bed with a massive carved headboard, often with a canopy, is set in the center of the room. The headboard can be upholstered in expensive fabric or leather. Graceful cabinets, dressing tables, chests of drawers made of natural wood with openwork curls and curved legs give respectability and chic to the classic bedroom interior.

Classic bedroom design

In the design of the bedroom, first-class expensive materials are used — precious woods, Venetian plaster, natural fabrics, bronze, a lot of gilding, crystal chandeliers. The traditional classic ceiling is made in a light tone with the addition of cornices, patterned stucco, vignettes. Columns decorated with openwork details are often placed on the walls. The flooring is most often parquet, it is ideal for the general decoration of the room.

The colors for the bedroom in the classic style are dominated by pastel shades — sand, peach, terracotta, olive. The windows must have massive draped blackout curtains, with tiebacks, fringes and tassels. Of the fabrics in this style, it is customary to use satin, velvet, silk.

Paintings, vases, figurines, candlesticks are used as accessories. To cover the bed, patterned shiny fabrics are selected — satin, velvet, brocade.

In the interior of a modern classic bedroom, it is possible to combine bright rich furniture with minimal wall decoration, or vice versa — luxurious wall decoration in combination with modest furniture. Classics and elegance are always in fashion. Such a bedroom will demonstrate the impeccable taste of the owners, their desire for luxury and comfort.

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