Children’s room for a girl in Provence style

Children's room for a girl in Provence style

The interiors of rooms in the classic Provence style are distinguished by simplicity and elegance, a gentle combination of halftones, unusual decorative objects, and the use of natural materials. Provence style is perfect for a girl’s children’s room.

Decorating a children’s room in Provence style for a girl

The decoration of the room in which it is supposed to create an interior in the style of the French province should be carried out using mainly natural materials. In terms of color, delicate pastel shades in combination with white are best suited. So, the ceiling is best painted completely white. It is not recommended to use hinged structures, because this will violate the integrity of the style. For the floor, parquet or laminate made of light wood is perfect. And the walls are best pasted over with wallpaper with a floral pattern or discreet pattern. Masonry or wood panels, which are also sometimes used in this design, will look rough in the interior of a nursery for a girl.

Children’s furniture for girls in Provence style

The main attribute of the children’s room is, of course, the bed. For a very baby, this can be a neat cradle made of wood and trimmed with carvings. In the children’s room for a Provence-style teenage girl, a large wooden or metal bed with a traditional design should be installed. Also, the usual components of the interior in this style are cabinets, chests of drawers, whatnots, dressing tables made of wood, painted with light paint. Decoupage furniture decor, painting, as well as giving all items a somewhat aged look are traditional. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of textiles. It is better to choose also light shades. It would be appropriate to use a large number of pillows, a variety of frills on bedspreads and blankets. Floral motifs are the main version of the pattern on the fabric.

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