Chandelier in the bathroom

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The ceiling chandelier in the bathroom is the final luxurious touch of the interior. It provides the necessary level of lighting and brings creativity and luxury to the design.

Chandelier in the bathroom — charm and style

The dimensions of the lighting fixture completely depend on the size of the room. The chandelier can be suspended, laid on or mounted on the wall.

Wall chandeliers in the bathroom are most often located near the mirror area — on the sides or on top. They can have a flat, cylindrical shape, or a sconce with horns and shades of various shapes, small pendants, and candle bulbs is used. The chandelier next to the mirror surface emits attractive reflections and gives a graceful appearance to the entire design.

Wall chandeliers with colored glass lampshades, located directly above the bath, beautifully illuminate the water and create a special mood for relaxation.

The classic chandelier in the bathroom is replete with decorative elements — beautiful shades in the form of flowers or geometric shapes on a branched frame, hanging glass or crystal parts that create fascinating reflections of light rays. Suspended structures are best used in rooms with high ceilings.

In a bathroom with tension flows, it is better to hang a small ceiling-mounted chandelier with an ornate frame located close to the surface of the film. It has a small height, chrome frame or base. Such a product is decorated with curly shades, crystal crystals, which look especially beautiful on the reflective surface of the glossy ceiling. Often, such models use LED or halogen lighting, which can create a soft, subdued, even decorative multi-colored light in the room.

A beautiful chandelier in the bathroom will become a bright and noticeable detail of the interior. She will make your stay in the room pleasant and comfortable.

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