Chandelier for a boy


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A chandelier for a boy plays an important role, it affects the emotionality and perception of the world by a child. When choosing, you need to take into account the age of the baby, his interests, the style of the room.

Features of choosing a chandelier for a boy

By design, chandeliers for children are selected from environmentally friendly plastic or light metal, wood. The main thing is that they do not have fragile parts that can be broken.

In terms of shape, chandeliers are most often made in the form of painted shades of various shapes or toys into which light bulbs are inserted for lighting. Chandeliers are now popular — spots with small lanterns and the ability to install an adjustable light beam. In terms of design, the choice of children’s lamps is simply huge.

For a very small child, it will be enough to hang a chandelier with bright beautiful drawings and shapes in the form of animals, cartoon characters. He will be happy to look at them and fantasize. It is important that the device has not too bright light and the possibility of its regulation.

For an older child, ceiling chandeliers in a boy’s nursery can be chosen according to themes — boats, football, basketball, space, cars, races, airplanes, balloons with a basket. Nautical theme is very popular for boys. Chandeliers in the form of a helm, a frigate, an anchor, a lifebuoy will attract his attention. Fans of mechanics will definitely like a chandelier in the form of a steering wheel, cars with spotlights instead of headlights, an airplane with lamps on its wings.

A chandelier for a teenage boy should be more strict. It may suit the theme of sports, motorcycles, the globe, or just an industrial spotlight.

A properly selected ceiling chandelier for a boy will please him with brightness and originality. It will help develop his interests, show imagination, decorate the cheerful interior of the room.


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