Ceiling in the hall

The modern design of the premises is based on a properly selected, spectacular finish of all interior objects, including ceilings. Especially when it comes to the ceilings in the hall, as a representative room. The methods and style of their design are selected in accordance with the general style of the room.

Ceiling design options in the hall

For halls with low ceilings, the following types of ceiling finishes are most acceptable:

  • traditional, one might say classic, option for decorating the ceilings in the hall — whitewashing;
  • an inexpensive and easy-to-use option for finishing the ceilings in the hall — pasting their surface with wallpaper;
  • no preliminary surface preparation is required when finishing the ceiling in the hall with PVC panels.

For halls with ceiling heights starting from three meters and above, various types of suspended and stretch ceilings will be an excellent option for their design. First of all, this, of course, is the installation of plasterboard ceilings in the hall on the mounted metal frame. This method of decoration allows you to decorate in the hall, for example, curly ceilings of the most bizarre shapes. Or use drywall to decorate the hall with spectacular multi-level ceilings.

In some cases (for example, if the interior design in the hall is based on country style), plastic suspended ceilings can be mounted, where wood-like plastic panels are used to sheath the frame.

Another type of finish is the installation of a stretch ceiling. At the moment, this is the most expensive, but at the same time the most durable way of decorating the ceiling space.

Design of stretch ceilings in the hall

Stretch ceilings are made according to individual orders with a choice of color, shape and texture of the canvas. In addition, it is possible to install stretch ceilings in the hall with spectacular lighting. And to create a unique interior in the hall, you can use stretch ceilings with photo printing depicting, for example, a cloudless sky or ancient frescoes. Another interesting option is the installation of a combined ceiling in the hall. It can be a combination of different types of canvas or a combination of a stretch ceiling with a plasterboard structure.

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