Carpet tracks in the hallway

Carpet tracks in the hallway

The carpeted floors in the hallway give the impression of comfort and luxury. The floors in the hallway are the most heavily used area of ​​an apartment or house, so it is necessary to cover them with carpets, this will save the floors from scratches and other damage.

Track selection

How to choose the right path in the hallway? To do this, you need to be guided by several requirements. First of all, you should choose high-quality material, because it is in the hallway that the path is most used, and, of course, it is very important that the color scheme and pattern of the carpet fit well into the interior of the hallway. It should also be borne in mind that a path with a short pile will last longer, as it absorbs less dirt and makes it much easier to care for.

Track material

Synthetic carpet paths in the hallway are the most practical, their price is lower than woolen ones. Such products are very easy to care for, they are easily vacuumed, and also subject to wet cleaning, in case of severe contamination, it is enough to apply detergent to the sponge and any dirt and stains can be easily removed.

The modern industry produces synthetic tracks on a natural basis, with the addition of linen threads, with an evenly trimmed pile. Such products have a quality factor, durability, while bringing an atmosphere of luxury into the interior of the hallway. A variety of choices will allow you to easily choose a carpet in the color you like and the size that you need.

You can purchase a rug in the hallway with a track of various configurations. Such a rug can be either rectangular, oval or round. It is better to choose a dark-colored rug for the corridor with a medium-sized pattern, a small pile, and also pay attention to the base, the rug should not slip.

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