Carpet for nursery

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Carpet is a convenient and practical solution for a child’s room. After all, kids love to play on the floor, and this option has softness, makes the coating warm, anti-allergenic and practical. Even when falling, the carpet will soften the blow, it will provide the child with safe movement around the room during games.

Which carpet is best for a nursery

The type of flooring that you should choose depends on the age of the child. Velor carpet with a short pile — pleasant to the touch and safe. It is soft and even when the baby falls, nothing will happen. It is difficult to care for a long-haired coating, in addition, this option is unsafe for young children.

Carpet can be made from natural and artificial threads. It should be borne in mind that children are allergic to woolen material, artificial is considered the most durable.

The optimal length of the pile in the nursery is up to 1 cm. This makes it easier to clean and sufficient warmth is maintained. The carpet in the children’s room is very colorful, with branching roads for traveling or racing, with the ocean and its inhabitants, there are a lot of plots and color solutions. With the help of this design, you can decorate the interior, complement it with originality.

The cover as a pattern can use geometric abstract shapes, flowers, stars, clouds or thematic images.

Drawings of carpet in the children’s room for a boy or girl may differ. For example, boys like a design depicting a whole city with houses, roads, pedestrians, rivers, crossings or a marine theme. They will imagine that they are in the real world, such a coating will help the kids immerse themselves in their incredible fantasies.

For girls, images of carousels, fairy-tale houses with princesses, animals, butterflies, fairies, pink elephants and other cartoon characters are suitable. The baby can imagine that she goes to visit from palace to palace or plays in the forest in a clearing with her favorite animals.

The covering with favorite characters will help children in development and will decorate an interior. It is appropriate to create several zones in the room with calmer colors and bright designs.

Children’s carpet — a good solution for a child’s room. It will ensure the preservation of heat in the room, the durability and wear resistance of the floors. With such a coating, the baby is much more fun to spend time in the room, playing his favorite games.

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