Cabinets Provence

Provence style is gaining more and more popularity, which means that it is necessary to select furniture suitable for it. One of the items used in many rooms is the Provence cabinet.

Types of cabinets Provence

Most often, this style is implemented in bedrooms and children’s rooms, since it is there that you want to create a feeling of maximum comfort and relaxation. Therefore, Provence bedside tables are in great demand. Most often they are made of wood and are decorated in light colors. To add individuality to this piece of furniture will help painting or decorating facades using decoupage technique.

TV cabinet Provence can be both practically weightless and airy, and very impressive, with several drawers or powerful carved details. Its main material is wood.

In the bathroom you can find Provence sink cabinets. They have elegant features, while retaining their main intended purpose: they reliably hide all plumbing wiring and are an additional place to store household chemicals.

Another option for such a cabinet is the Provence shoe cabinet, which can also be made of wood. Another option is a cabinet with a wrought iron base and an unusual design of facades with fabric or leather.

Cabinets Provence in the interior

Regardless of which room you purchase cabinets in this style for, you should consider the overall design of the interior of the room. For example, if there are so many recognizable, textured style elements in the room, then more calm and restrained options should be purchased. But sometimes the room looks featureless, and little is said about its style. It is then that cabinets with bright ornaments, characteristic patterns, interesting shapes and a recognizable “aged” effect will help.

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