Bunk ceilings

A two-tier ceiling with lighting is an excellent design solution that will bring originality and peculiarity to your interior design.

Bunk ceilings in the hallway

If the height allows, then the installation of a two-tier ceiling in the hallway will add a twist to the interior, making it non-standard and original. Familiar square shapes with the help of drywall and several levels can be turned into an interesting curly composition.

Bunk ceilings in the hall

Bunk ceilings in the hall will also be an excellent interior decoration. As a rule, this is the room in which the largest number of people gather, both the owners of the house and the guests, and its original design will never go unnoticed. The two-tier ceiling in the hall can be made glossy in contrasting colors. You can even make its design plot by drawing an image on the ceiling canvas.

Bunk ceilings in the bedroom

The illuminated bunk ceiling in the bedroom is a great addition to the relaxing environment. Sometimes, in order to let go of all emotions and relieve tension from the body, you need to be in a place that combines primarily calm tones and shapes. In this case, the smooth lines of the bunk ceiling in the bedroom do an excellent job with this task.

Bunk ceilings in the kitchen

Bunk ceilings in the kitchen will not only be an original beautiful decoration of the interior of the room, but will always help with the organization of a romantic dinner. This will help to implement LED lighting around the entire perimeter of the ceiling or lighting from spotlights.

Bunk ceilings in the nursery

Young children are often afraid to fall asleep in the dark. Therefore, a bunk ceiling with lighting in the nursery will come in handy. In addition, you can come up with an original design that will give the baby a sense of magic, such as a sky with clouds or stars.

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