Buffet Provence

buffet Provence

Any room in the Provence style, first of all, is distinguished by comfort, warmth and unique French charm. At the same time, to achieve such a result, it is necessary to provide for all the elements of style. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of furniture, which plays an important practical and, of course, decorative role in the interior. The Provence sideboard is more than a functional piece of furniture that should be given special attention.

Style Features

A Provence-style sideboard can often be found in the interior of a kitchen. This piece of furniture was an obligatory attribute of every Provencal house, of course, with all the style and decorative elements. Light, delicate, natural style, light muted shades, metal fittings, forged parts, floral print — this is how a classic Provence-style sideboard looks like in a kitchen.

Natural wood, painted in light colors, retains a unique texture and imprints of time in the form of small cracks, scuffs, wormholes. Everything indicates that this furniture was used by more than one generation, although in fact this is not at all necessary. Thanks to modern technologies of artificial aging of furniture, any desired results can be achieved. The popular white buffet Provence is often decorated with floral patterns and patterns that can be repeated in textiles. Furniture is rarely painted in dark colors, most often lavender, turquoise, pale blue are chosen, without which it is difficult to imagine this style.

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