Budget finds: 12 nursery organizers from AliExpress

1. Portable bag for toys (130 rubles)

A handy little thing in which you can store and carry your child’s favorite toys.

Portable toy pouch

2. Storage system for the crib (183 rubles)

A storage system that hangs directly on the back of the crib. It can store diapers, toys, bottles and even a couple of change of clothes.

Crib storage system

3. Basket for clothes and toys (167 rubles)

A versatile organizer with a charming design.

Basket for clothes and toys

4. Separator for the bag (64 rubles)

The divider for the bag is a guarantee that mom can quickly find everything she needs. By the way, it’s a good idea to always keep such a bag in the nursery in case of emergency fees.

Bag divider

5. Bag for toys (166 rubles)

Formally, the thing is intended for the bathroom, but the one in which children bathe. In such a bag with suction cups, you can store your child’s favorite rubber toys.

Toy bag

6. System for storing milk teeth (274 rubles)

Cool box for collecting fallen milk teeth. The child will surely be delighted with such a «collectible».

Baby Teeth Storage System

7. Mat for games (124 rubles)

A multifunctional mat-bag in which you can very quickly collect all the toys by simply pulling the string.

Play mat

8. Hanging organizer (248 rubles)

A waterproof vertical organizer that will fit into any kid’s room.

hanging organizer

9. Toy organizer (209 rubles)

Such a stand in the form of a cartoon character Totoro can be used for flowers and for storing stationery.

Organizer toy

10. Pencil case-designer (330 rubles)

Speaking of office supplies. The older the child becomes, the more of them will appear. So he will need special storage systems for pens, pencils, rulers and other things.

Such a pencil case is a great option, because there is also a mini-constructor on its lid.

Pencil case-designer

11. Stand for pencils with a clock (334 rubles)

And another cool stand for pencils and pens, equipped with a clock, calendar and thermometer. For a children’s home office — a wonderful solution!

Pencil stand with clock

12. Hooks (298 rubles)

Lovely hooks that can be hung both inside the storage system and on the stroller handle. Two pieces included.


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