blue bedroom

blue bedroom

For the design of the bedroom, blue is increasingly beginning to be used. This tone soothes, carries the atmosphere of the night, mystery, contributes to a good rest.

Modern bedroom in blue tones

The rest room can be dressed in various shades of this color — from bright blue to ultramarine, cornflower blue and even dark blue. The floor covering for the bedroom should be matched to the main blue color, and the ceiling should be made much lighter so as not to overload the room with darkness. The spectrum of this color is very wide, so it is better to decorate a small room with lighter shades and vice versa.

A blue or turquoise palette can fill a room with freshness and visually expand the space. The blue bedroom is ideally combined with white in the interior, creating a special solemnity in the room. The most common scheme for such a bedroom is white furniture under blue walls. The combination of blue and white interior is reminiscent of a marine style; thematic paintings, white corals, shells can be used as decor.

Blue color can also be combined with gray, silver. Satin sheen of pearls on pillows, curtains, bedspreads will add luxury and sophistication to the bedroom. Furniture, textiles and accessories in white, gray, silver are best suited for a blue bedroom. Sometimes furniture in brown shades is used to dilute the interior.

As lighting in the blue bedroom, it is better to use spotlights with a central chandelier around the perimeter of the ceiling; lighting can be supplemented with a sconce above the bed. Ceilings with LED lighting or imitation of the starry sky look good in the interior of the blue bedroom.

The soothing effect of the blue color, its association with the sky, the sea will fill the bedroom with peace, space and comfort, such an interior is able to provide complete peace and relaxation.

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