Bedroom on the balcony

Bedroom on the balcony

If the apartment is small, you can arrange an original bedroom on the balcony. Before equipping a balcony in a room, it must be insulated, bring out at least one outlet and light, install a radiator or a warm floor system. You can also perform external insulation. A balcony with a large area will allow you to organize, for example, a bedroom for a teenager with a bed, a table and a wardrobe.

Balcony bedroom design

A big plus of a bedroom equipped on a balcony is the presence of windows and a lot of natural light. Summer freshness and the singing of birds or the starry sky will provide unusual sensations during the holidays.

The interior of the bedroom on the balcony can be decorated in a classic style with natural wood walls and a light-colored bed. It is better to hang milky or golden curtains on the windows. To create a pleasant atmosphere of outdoor recreation, you can use a marine theme — blue or blue walls with white furniture and curtains. Seashells and starfish can be placed on the windowsill, and a pleasant sleep will be guaranteed.

Using the proximity to the windows and fresh air, it will be interesting to decorate the bedroom in a natural juicy salad color. White windows, light carpet and curtains will dilute the interior, it would be appropriate to install fresh flowers on the window sills.

A large amount of air and light can be used to create an oriental design. Bamboo blinds and a rug, a regular-shaped low wooden bed, a painted wall with a sakura branch will help create a soft and mysterious atmosphere.

If desired, even on a small balcony, you can equip a bedroom. If the bed takes up the entire width of the room, it is better to use a model with drawers at the bottom or a convertible top for storage. In any case, you get a bright, cozy and, most importantly, a separate room.

You need to come to an understanding that you can live on the balcony. Having equipped a compact bedroom there, you can see how great it is.

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