bedroom loft

bedroom loft

Attic or industrial, as it is also called, the loft style in modern bedrooms can be, in spite of everything, very soft and cozy. You will be surprised to meet an unusual combination of retro accessories with the latest technology, or rough objects and soft forms of their finishes. However, it is quite appropriate in this style.

Loft-style bedroom design in an apartment

Initially, the style appeared when poor people of art huddled in modest rooms and attics, and sometimes settled in abandoned factories, where they created comfort as best they could — from improvised means.

As a result, thanks to their taste, simply amazing interiors were born. Over time, the style became incredibly popular throughout Europe, including among wealthy residents.

A feature of the loft-style bedroom interior is the need for a large area, high ceilings and huge window openings. It should give the impression of a huge industrial premises. Small loft-style bedrooms are also a reality. However, in this case, you need to consider the possibility of combining the room with other rooms of the apartment (house).

The fundamental elements of style in the design of the bedroom are metal pipes, corrugations, cast-iron columns, fragments of brickwork, open installation of cables on the walls, beams. The main colors are grey, white, brown and terracotta. Furniture should be massive and soft, with leather upholstery.

Wall decoration should not be oversaturated with bricks. In addition to this technique, use decorative plaster, wooden, metal textures. Wallpaper can imitate many textures — concrete, plaster, metal, wood, brick.

Floors must be wood or concrete. In an apartment, the easiest way to implement the concept is with parquet and laminate, or ceramic tiles.

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