Bedroom interior with two types of wallpaper

Bedroom interior with two types of wallpaper

The combination of two, and sometimes three types of wallpaper in a room is not just a desire to make it elegant or original. Design techniques allow you to change the overall impression of the space, adjust its size and even slightly change the geometry of the room. The whole focus of any of the options for gluing wallpaper of two types in the bedroom lies in our color perception: darkened places seem smaller, bright ones seem larger and higher. Brighter drawings on a neutral background look more contrast, and smooth color transitions allow you to discreetly divide the space into zones.

Proper bedroom design with two types of wallpaper

To get started, answer yourself a simple question: what exactly are your goals? Why did the combination of wallpapers attract attention? There are not many reasons why you should use this technique:

  • division into zones is one of the most obvious solutions for a bedroom: it can be equipped with a corner for an office or a zone for a child, and highlighting these areas using the color method will save space and do without unnecessary partitions;
  • a well-chosen design for wallpapering two types of wallpaper is an excellent solution for transforming the room’s shortcomings into its advantages in the bedroom (all kinds of protrusions in the wall, unsuccessful partitions);
  • with the help of some tricks, the problem with low ceilings, an elongated shape of the room, as well as a small space is solved;
  • sometimes the interior of a bedroom with two types of wallpaper is designed exclusively for aesthetic pleasure: a certain part of the room is allocated, who likes the contrasting finish of niches and other features of the room, these places are allocated solely for decoration purposes.

Whatever goals you pursue, you will always have to follow a few rules. For example, it is not recommended to combine wallpapers with different bases and textures, since after drying unpleasant surprises may arise in the form of a divergence of joints.

There are some secrets on how to combine wallpaper in the bedroom of two types in order to achieve the best effect. This applies to color contrast: if you take two different ones, they should be equally saturated, but a combination of muted and pastel shades looks best. A more relaxed solution would be a tandem of a plain canvas and a pattern. By the way, if you approach the issue of gluing design in the bedroom on a grand scale, you can refer to entire collections of two types of wallpaper. Some manufacturers offer ready-made solutions right away, while textiles selected according to the pattern are also attached to the wallpaper.

How to combine wallpaper in the bedroom of two types?

As for the direct location of the two types, one relative to the other, then there is plenty to choose from.

  1. Striped walls are one of the easiest solutions, because this technique is quite within the power of a non-professional. Vertical stripes seem to lift the walls, a good solution for clear zoning of the room. Horizontally located strips opposite, push the walls apart and at the same time visually lower the ceiling.
  2. The insertion method is almost a design decision. First, a neutral color is chosen for all walls, then several sections are selected and contrasting wallpapers are added, they are also liked to be separated with moldings.
  3. The headboard area or the wall opposite the bed can be highlighted with a more active and vibrant pattern. This is the so-called wall dominance.
  4. Less common is the bedroom interior with wallpaper of two types in patchwork technique. It looks more harmonious if only one wall is framed in a patchwork technique, the rest are pasted over with a neutral color.
  5. And finally, the main part of the room is pasted over with a light background, and niches or other architectural details are deliberately highlighted in a darker color.

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