beautiful bedrooms

It is difficult to dispute the claim that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. And the most pleasant thing is to dive into the magical realm of Morpheus in the cozy atmosphere of a beautiful bedroom.

There are many options on how to decorate a bedroom beautifully — the emphasis is on the chic decoration of walls, ceilings and floors; focuses on the rich environment; the beauty of the bedroom is emphasized by the abundance of decorative elements.

Beautiful bedroom interior

Considering various options for interior design of bedrooms, one should take into account many factors that will largely affect the design of a beautiful bedroom in a particular room — the size of the room, its illumination, taste preferences and even the age of those for whom the bedroom is intended. First of all, you should carefully consider the decoration of the walls, ceiling and floors and start by choosing a color scheme.

As designers advise, calm shades of pastel palette are preferred for bedrooms — beige, cream, pistachio, ecru, pale blue, pink (warm shades for north-oriented bedrooms, cold ones for «southern» bedrooms). Although, for the bedroom of the newlyweds, it is quite appropriate to use a small amount of bright red shades. For example, a young couple will love a beautiful white bedroom (from the finishes to the color of the furniture and textiles) with a few bright accents in the form of decorative pillows or a rich red (but not scarlet) bed cover.

Since the bedroom involves a quiet pastime, then in terms of design style it is better to give preference to the same calm directions, for example, classic-style bedrooms are always beautiful. The comfort and calm quality factor of such an interior will be emphasized by beautiful bedroom furniture made of natural wood — cherry, walnut, oak, and possibly Karelian birch (expensive, but insanely beautiful). Since the classics never lose their relevance, which is always in fashion, many manufacturers make furniture bedroom sets using elements of antique furniture — twisted legs, carvings, and so on. Naturally, in order for a classic bedroom to be really beautiful, all other interior design elements should be selected in the same style. For window drapery, it is better to choose natural fabrics (silk, heavy cotton, brocade) — they harmonize perfectly with wooden furniture. A canopy is appropriate in such a bedroom. Lamps, in particular bedside lamps, stylized as antique candlesticks, will harmoniously fit into the interior of such a bedroom. Paintings and mirrors in heavy expensive frames, figurines are quite suitable for decoration. Stucco or frescoes can also be used as decorative finishing elements.

Beautiful modern bedroom

Modern bedroom interior design trends can also be quite beautiful and attractive. Most often, such interiors are chosen by young people who prefer the rigor and conciseness of modern trends. In this regard, the bedrooms are very beautiful with a dressing room, designed in the form of a large and spacious closet. In such interiors, as a rule, there is a minimum of furniture — often it is one, a fairly large bed, a minimum of decorative and functional items (for example, a bedside lamp on a light bedside table) and a large closet, in which all the necessary things are removed, bed linen and other items of «sleeping» use.

In the event that there is some lack of space, it is possible to combine several adjacent premises and organize, for example, a beautiful bedroom-living room. With such a design, of course, one cannot do without zoning elements that separate the sleeping area from the living area — decorative partitions (wooden, glass, plasterboard), screens, sliding elements.

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