Bathroom glass curtains

bathroom glass curtains 0

Glass curtains for the bathroom are a convenient and aesthetically beautiful invention, a stylish and functional element in a modern interior. They protect the bath area from the surrounding space in the room, as a result of which water drops do not fall on the floor and objects in the interior.

Types of glass curtains for the bathroom

The glass bathroom curtain is placed on the edge of the bathtub and attached to the wall with a profile. Such a product looks mysterious and aesthetically pleasing, it can replace a shower cabin for owners who cannot install it for themselves. With the help of this design, the practicality of a shower cabin is combined with the comfort of a bath.

The glass curtain in the bathroom is straight, installed from wall to wall. Similar products are available in a semi-circular and asymmetric version, under the model of a corner bath. Curtains may consist of one or more shutters. If the bathroom is not in a niche, then you can purchase an additional wall to ensure sealing.

As a rule, the glass curtain for the bathroom is made sliding so that you can freely enter and close or roll up the curtain when it is no longer needed. Sliding doors move inside a solid metal frame on rollers.

Curtains can be equipped with hinged or pivoting doors, the panel version closes part of the space — that section of the bath where the shower is installed.

Models are made in transparent stained glass, there are options for frosted and tinted glass. There is a huge variety of color options for curtains, it is possible to apply spraying and the necessary pattern on them.

Glass curtains for the bathroom allow you to make a stunning aesthetic and functional composition, get a full-fledged shower and bath at the same time.

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