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Bathroom curtains 0

We always try to turn the bathroom into a heavenly place where you can comfortably soak up the evening, throwing off the accumulated fatigue, or cheer up in the early hours to get ready for the working days. Alas, often this room does not have sufficient dimensions to install a good hydrobox. There is another situation when the purchase of this device is simply not enough temporarily funds. Therefore, you have to adapt, protecting the space from splashes with curtains or partitions. It turns out that there are many varieties of soft, hard, stationary and sliding curtains for the bathroom. All these items are able to compensate in different ways for the lack of a full-fledged shower cabin and deserve your attention.

Types of curtains for the bathroom

  1. Bathroom glass curtains. At present, glass partitions are undoubtedly the best choice for those who are planning to turn the bathroom into a modern, safe and comfortable room for receiving water procedures. Now such curtains are covered with anti-plug compounds that prevent the appearance of streaks, and they are made from the most durable hardened material. Such glass will not injure the owner even if it is destroyed by an accidental strong blow. Such a curtain can have different thicknesses, be mounted on a frame, or have the form of a frameless structure.
  2. Plastic Rigid Bathroom Curtains. Plastic is a good alternative for those who, for many reasons, cannot yet install glass partitions. It is cheaper, lighter, has many varieties. You can easily find curtains for a straight or corner bath made of durable transparent polymer, painted in different colors and patterns. If necessary, such material is bent at small angles, which makes it easier to create various curvilinear structures from it.
  3. But plastic is endowed with some disadvantages that owners should also be aware of. For example, this curtain, in comparison with glass partitions, quickly becomes covered with stains, becomes cloudy, cracks. It is undesirable to clean it with a hard brush and abrasive products. It is advisable to wipe the surface with dry rags after each water procedure.

  4. Fabric curtains for the bathroom. It should immediately be clarified that it is not recommended to attach an ordinary cloth made of cotton, linen or wool in the bathroom. Only specially designed hydrophobic materials are suitable here, which are not even afraid of machine washing. Similar products are now presented in stores with a rich assortment, striking with a wide selection of colors and sizes. There are several ways to attach waterproof curtains to pipes or strings. If necessary, the owners can install an angle rod for curtains in the bathroom, if the complex geometry of the space requires it. In addition, the ease of use of this curtain pleases, it rarely fails and, with good care, lasts more than ten years.
  5. Soft synthetic shower curtains. Most often, retail chains offer us fairly cheap and practical curtains made of polyethylene or vinyl. The first type is cheaper and resembles an ordinary household film, which has a device for attaching to a pipe. Polyethylene is not very dense, quickly torn and covered with stains. It is not surprising that almost all experienced housewives agree that it is better not to save money, but to add a little money and purchase vinyl curtains for the bathroom. They are inferior in many respects to fabric curtains, but are much stronger, more durable and easier to maintain than budget polyethylene products.

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