Bathroom cornices

bathroom cornices

Bathroom cornices are needed for attaching a fabric or polyethylene curtain, which protects the floor and furniture from water, and allows you to divide the room into several functional zones.

When choosing curtain rods for curtains in the bathroom, it is important to correctly determine the type of construction. For a classic wall bath, you can buy a traditional tubular cornice with fixtures. It consists of a pipe and stops. The expander cornice is able to move apart to the desired length, which is very convenient during installation. Wall mounts prevent the bar from sagging.

If the bath is corner or a shower tray is installed in the room, then you can buy an L-shaped or flexible cornice that can take the desired shape. Angle rod can be made in the form of an arc or a semicircle. For curved cornices, a ceiling mount is installed in the bathroom, which performs an insuring function, since fixing to the walls in this case will not be enough. Such an element can withstand a large weight of the curtain.

For a free-standing bathtub, a U-shaped cornice is purchased; it goes around the container on three sides and protects the room from splashes. For an island vessel or shower, even round rod designs are installed.

Materials for the manufacture of cornice

Most often, bathroom cornices are plastic or metal. Plastic rods withstand temperature loads well and have sufficient flexibility. From such material it is possible to produce products of various shapes, colors, with a long service life.

Stainless steel bathroom cornices will not rust or corrode. They hold up well to moisture and look great.

The curtain rod in the bathroom is beautiful and convenient. The space of the room is decorated and well ventilated during the adoption of water procedures.

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