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A pendant chandelier for the bathroom is a chic option for decorating a non-standard interior. It provides the necessary level of illumination and brings luxury and elegance to the design.

Features of choosing a chandelier for the bathroom

The central chandelier for the bathroom is selected depending on the style of the room and the ceiling finish.

Chandeliers for the bathroom must be moisture resistant. Outwardly, they may not differ in any way from traditional lamps, however, they are equipped with additional rubber seals on the contacts. Such devices have a special marking on the packaging.

For a damp room, it is better to use light bulbs protected by shades or lampshades. Ceiling white chandeliers with whimsical ornaments or matte aristocratic patterns are perfect for the bathroom. Plafonds in the form of delicate flowers, mirror frames with LED bulbs, geometric or abstract shapes — you can choose a stylish option for every taste.

For a bathroom with a stretch ceiling, overhead chandeliers are most often selected, with sealed shades or a lot of LEDs. The glossy material of the ceiling is characterized by mirror properties, so all the insides of the chandelier, LED light are beautifully reflected on its plane, such a surface looks especially elegant and fills the room with additional radiance.

Classic bathroom chandelier will make the room chic and shiny. It can have a design with several branches, decorated with shades or pendants. Especially beautiful are the cascades and multi-level structures made of crystal crystals, radiating a bewitching brilliance.

A properly selected bathroom chandelier emphasizes the design of the room, making it cozier, warmer, and staying in the room comfortable.

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