Bar counters in the interior of the living room instead of a partition

Bar counters in the interior of the living room instead of a partition

The bar counter is a classic element of cafes, bars and hotels. In the interior of apartments, it began to be used quite recently, but despite this, its popularity has already reached its climax. Its advantage lies in the fact that it not only divides the space into comfortable zones, but also acts as an additional functional space in the room. With the right location, it can turn into a dining or work area, become a storage place for useful little things, or significantly save space in the kitchen.

Partition in the form of a bar

A rack is any countertop that does not have legs and rests on special consoles. It can take the form of a massive «island» in the center of the kitchen or be placed along the wall like a window sill. If the bar counter performs the function of a partition, then it is made integral in order to qualitatively fence off the functional areas from one another.

Application in the interior

The rack is used in the kitchen and divides it into different zones or separates the room from the hall. So, in the case of a studio apartment, the partitions serve as a picturesque border between the living room and the kitchen, making the room especially interesting. With such a stand in the apartment, you can safely arrange noisy parties, since a large number of guests can be accommodated behind it. In addition, additional niches for storing dishes, bottles and other useful little things can be provided inside the structure. Above the tabletop, you can equip a special stand for storing glasses and glasses.

The owners of the apartment also have the opportunity to choose the shape and design of the partition. It can be rectangular, curved or made in the form of a wall with hidden shelves.

If the rack is through, then in addition to it, you can buy bar stools with a metal or wooden frame. In the complex, such a set will look very organic, and the owners of the apartments will prove themselves as people with a non-standard approach to interior design.

Zoning of the premises

If bar counters are used in the interior of the living room instead of a partition, then they perform the function of an boundless edge that divides the apartment into two parts. If the room is small, then it can hide some details from prying eyes. Behind it, a sofa, a plasma screen, or even an equipped workplace can be hidden. Some owners insert an aquarium with fish or glass blocks with a textured surface inside the rack.

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