Artificial stone in the interior of the living room

Artificial stone in the interior of the living room

Artificial stone in its appearance can imitate a variety of textures, which can be divided into two large groups. The first is a demonstration of the structure of natural valuable rocks such as granite, marble, onyx and others. The second type looks like a wild stone found in nature: limestone, wild stone, shell rock. Both types of artificial stone can be used in the interior of the living room.

Finishing living rooms with artificial stone with imitation of valuable breeds

So, how to decorate the living room with artificial stone. Such a stone, when used in the interior of the room, immediately gives the room majesty, solidity and massiveness. It is most often used for decorating window sills, skirting boards and doorways. The rich texture of this stone emphasizes these finishing details, and its durability and resistance to impacts allows you not to worry about special care.

Artificial stone in the interior of a modern living room can also be used as a flooring material. If you like the classic style or you plan to place carpets in certain parts of the room, and the need for private washing of the stone floor does not bother you, then it is quite possible to stop at this option. The advantage of artificial stone over natural is that it retains heat for a long time, so it will be quite comfortable to walk on such a floor even without shoes.

Finally, the design of the living room with artificial stone can be expressed in the construction of a fireplace from this material. A room equipped with an open fire source (even if it is just an imitation in the form of an electric furnace) instantly becomes more comfortable and pleasant. It will be good for the whole family to gather in it.

Finishing material under a wild stone

Decorative artificial stone with this texture is most often used in the interior of the living room for wall decoration or fireplaces. Its appearance and uneven relief allow you to focus on any part of the room. Most often, a wall is chosen for this behind the sofa or, conversely, opposite to it. A TV, unusual shelving or a fireplace can be placed on such a wall. You can also highlight the corner of the room with a similar stone, which will give the room a non-standard appearance.

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