art deco wallpaper

art deco wallpaper

The popular art deco style is characterized by smooth, refined forms, the use of rich colors and expensive materials. This style combines aristocracy and homeliness. Art deco wallpaper should look elegant and create a backdrop for stylish pieces of furniture and extravagant accessories.

Art deco wallpaper

For art deco interior walls, wallpaper with patterns and unusual shapes or lines, swirls, abstract compositions should be used. Most of all, the sophistication of the style is emphasized by black and white shades on the walls, patterned drawings. It is possible to use gray, brown, beige, burgundy, bright and dark colors. The print on the walls can be quite large using fascinating curved, smooth lines, zigzags, waves, floral patterns, intricate symmetrical patterns.

With the help of wallpaper, you can divide the room into zones, using several shades, contrasting colors for wall design. The horizontal division of the walls looks interesting — the lower part is darker and more colorful, and the upper one forms a neutral light tone.

Bright art deco wallpapers in such an interior will always attract the eye when entering the room, but they should not steal attention from the rest of the design in the room. Graceful Art Deco wallcoverings serve as a backdrop for a luxurious design. Furniture against the background of such walls should look expressive. Luxurious fabrics, candlesticks, furniture made of expensive woods, mirrors with decorative frames, and a massive crystal chandelier are widely used in the style. The decoration includes gilding, silver, chrome details.

Art Deco style brings luxury and elegance, expressiveness and comfort. A room in such a rich style is a work of art, expensive, exclusive, chic, and wall decoration with original wallpaper plays an important role in creating such an interior.

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