Zoning of a children’s room for a boy, a girl and children of different sexes

child room zoning

Like other rooms, the nursery performs several functions at the same time. Here the child sleeps, plays, studies, that is, the room plays the role of a bedroom, a playroom and a study. For comfort and convenience, it must be divided into zones, at least visually. Many tricks help with this.

Zoning options for a children’s room

Zoning a nursery for a girl or for a boy should take into account the gender, age and personal preferences of the child. In this case, the size of the room plays a significant role. Be that as it may, you do not need to use too aggressive colors when arranging and oversaturate the design with many elements. Everything here should look harmonious in order to contribute to the concentration of the child and his psychological comfort.

Zoning a child’s room with a partition

One of the most common objects are plasterboard partitions for zoning in the nursery. They are more appropriate in large rooms, since their construction will require taking up some of the space. But with them it is very clearly possible to designate different zones. This option is also convenient if two or more children live in the nursery. When the need for a partition disappears, the structure can be disassembled, and the room will again become one.

zoning children's room 1

The advantages of stationary partitions are that, according to the designer’s idea, they can have very interesting, intricate shapes, giving the room a special style and making it even more interesting for the child. In addition, such zoning of a children’s room can be useful in terms of additional storage space for books and toys, if the partitions are made not deaf, but with through shelves.

children's room zoning 2

Zoning a children’s room with wallpaper

Different color in different parts of the room very clearly shows where one ends and where the next zone begins. The advantage of this method is that the room will turn out bright and interesting. Zoning children’s wallpaper with different patterns and shades allows you to create fabulous interiors. At the same time, you can set the child in the right way: in the bedroom and study area, the wallpaper should be of a calm shade so that the child feels peaceful and can concentrate, but brighter colors are possible in the play area.

zoning children's room 3

It is desirable to continue the idea of ​​a diverse wall covering on other planes. For example, in a play area with colorful drawings on the walls, you can lay the same bright rug on the floor. In the creative zone, you can place a waterproof linoleum that repeats the texture and shade of the walls. In the sleep zone, place stars and the moon on the ceiling, and make the ceiling itself match the walls.

children's room zoning 4

Shelves for zoning a children’s room

When space allows, cabinets and shelving can be used for zoning. They perform the function of storing many things, helping to keep order, and at the same time sharing space. On their shelves you can store books, toys, oversized equipment, flowers, souvenirs, photos, etc. A great variety of shapes, heights, widths of such furniture allows you to embody any design ideas and produce zoning of the children’s room according to the chosen scenario.

children's room zoning 5

When embodying such ideas for zoning a nursery, give preference to shelving with open, through shelves and preferably a small height. They will minimally interfere with the spread of natural light. If, on the contrary, it is necessary to darken the sleeping corner and make it cozy and secluded, the rack will become an excellent assistant in this.

children's room zoning 6

Zoning a children’s room with light

Different areas require different levels of illumination. Its maximum falls on the territory of study and creative activities, a very bright light is not needed in the play area, while a sleeping place can be equipped with a dim nightlight at all — its light is enough to head. Such practical and rational lighting helps to visually define the boundaries of different functional areas.

zoning children's room 7

In addition to dividing a room for one child, sometimes it is necessary to zone a nursery for two, and light can also play a role in this. For example, for children of different sexes, the spectrum of lighting may vary, and ceiling lamps of different colors and different designs contribute to this. A different color of lighting, along with the color of the wallpaper, will help determine where the male and female parts of the room are.

zoning children's room 8

Zoning children’s curtains

When the area of ​​​​the room does not allow the use of bulky partitions and shelving, or if you want to achieve more airiness of the design, you can turn to the curtains. Ceiling or floor, the screen will be an excellent interior element that will give a special gentle and charming atmosphere. Zoning the children’s room with curtains will help the child retire at the right time or include him in the game, as it resembles a theater curtain.

children's room zoning 9

Curtains and screens are also relevant in the case of simultaneous residence in the bedroom of several children, especially those of different sexes. The girl will be more comfortable if she has somewhere to hide for changing clothes or when she just wants privacy. Zoning a children’s room in this way contributes to the psychological comfort of children and teaches them to respect the boundaries of everyone’s personal space.

zoning children's room 10

Children’s room design with zoning

To successfully divide the nursery, all you need is your ingenuity and the desire to radically improve the interior of a standard room. With a little effort, you can not only embody a beautiful style, but also “squeeze out” the maximum for the comfort of your child. Advantages of room division:

  • organizing space, creating conditions for the development and psychological comfort of the child;
  • accustoming the child to discipline and order through the strict structuring of space;
  • the allocation of separate personal spaces for each child if they live together in the same room;
  • promotion of gender self-identification, which requires the zoning of a nursery for children of different sexes;
  • the embodiment of different design ideas in one area, taking into account the wishes of the children themselves.

Zoning a children’s room for a boy and a girl

When it is necessary to zone a children’s room for two children, especially those of different sexes, all methods are used at the same time — these are partitions, and different colors of wallpaper, and a different set of zones. The result is a comfortable stay of two individuals in the same area. Until a certain age, you may not observe difficulties, but as the children grow up, certain questions of their “coexistence” may arise, so you will have to do everything possible to maximize the allocation of each of his personal space.

zoning children's room 11

Zoning a children’s room for a boy

The biggest feature in this case is the zoning of the children’s room into a play and sports room, in addition to the rest of the prescribed zones. For boys, sports are especially important and necessary, because the territory of sports must certainly be present, even if the son is not keen on a particular sport. General purpose equipment such as wall bars, horizontal bars, rings, etc. will contribute to strengthening his health with regular exercises. The boys themselves are drawn to such objects, so you don’t even have to insist on training.

zoning children's room 12

The rest of the territory will be occupied by a bed and a place for compulsory lessons, as well as his hobbies. For example, boys are often fond of drawing, modeling, modeling, and construction. Try to provide the child with the most comfortable conditions for such activities — perhaps this will contribute to the development of natural talent in him.

zoning children's room 13

Zoning a children’s room for a girl

Girls bring guests more often than boys, so the guest area is important for them, where it will be very cozy and pleasant to spend time with their girlfriends. You can equip this place with soft frameless chairs or ottomans and a low table. In addition, the peculiarities of girls include the fact that they always have more things, so they will need more space to store them. An additional chest of drawers, a bedside table or a dressing table with a mirror and drawers will allow you to conveniently place all her things, accessories and “jewels”.

zoning children's room 14

The design of a children’s room for a girl with zoning has a special gentle atmosphere. An alternative to bulky drywall partitions are often screens and curtains. The predominance of pastel colors makes the design very feminine and pleasant. Decor for girls is often represented by floral motifs, ruffles, hearts — everything that immerses her in the world of princesses and unicorns. As she grows older, both her inner world and the design of the room change.

children's room zoning 15

So, the most famous and generally accepted ways of zoning a children’s room are the use of partitions, screens, curtains, transformable furniture, light and color. With their help, you can accustom the child to order and to different types of activities. It will be much more convenient for parents to control their child in the territory of one room.

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