Wooden ceiling chandeliers

Wooden ceiling chandeliers

Wood is an environmentally friendly material, easy to process and has long been used in human everyday life. Originally designed wooden ceiling chandeliers are distinguished by incredible shapes and uniqueness. For their manufacture, all parts are used — from roots to thin twigs.

Wooden chandeliers in the interior

Natural wood in design is primarily associated with antiquity. That is why lamps made of such material often have an antique look. Antique wooden chandeliers, can take the form of a rough deck, snags hanging on chains, a massive cross from trunks with forging elements, complemented by numerous lights and bulbs. Wooden chandeliers in the shape of a cartwheel are popular. It is suspended from the ceiling with ropes or chains, candles are mounted on top.

air carved wooden chandelier can be obtained from veneer, in which curly holes are made. The material easily takes spiral or conical shapes.

Wooden chandelier in the kitchen in the style of Provence is often painted white, classic or country — dark, it is ideal for a summer residence, or a modern living room in which you want to create a cozy rustic atmosphere.

When creating a Japanese, oriental style, wooden chandeliers are indispensable — they are characterized by square or rectangular details made from natural materials.

A wooden chandelier can be chosen for a specific interior — large or rough, elegant and carved, round or polygonal, with shades, lampshades, various light bulbs. Suspended or ceiling versions of lamps consist entirely of wood or are complemented by elegant forging elements, mirrors, frosted glass, and fabric.

Naturally, wood brings the breath of wildlife into the room. Wooden lamps look good both in a country house and in a modern apartment.

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