Wooden bedrooms

wooden bedrooms

The bedroom is the place where we relax after a hard day, gain strength and health. Therefore, the requirements for the interior in general and for furniture in particular are special here. The best way to combine beauty and quality is to equip the bedroom with natural wood furniture.

Benefits of a natural wood bedroom

The main advantage of a wooden bedroom is its safety in every sense. Natural wood guarantees durability and environmental friendliness, it is versatile and can be processed to create truly masterpiece furniture.

Needless to say, wooden bedroom furniture is an indicator of prestige and good wealth. Agree that not everyone can afford such a luxury.

Materials for furniture in bedrooms made of natural wood

Not all types of wood are suitable for making bedroom furniture. For example, cherry, ash, maple, linden are not used for such purposes. Manufacturers choose wood of much more valuable species, which guarantees durability and high aesthetics.

Pine furniture is the most affordable. This wood lends itself perfectly to processing, moreover, it has an excellent aroma that relaxes and soothes.

If you’re looking for particularly durable bedroom furniture, oak is your option. Furniture from this wood is chosen by people who value solidity and respectability. An oak bedroom can be classified as a luxury item, because its cost is quite high.

A certain «golden mean» in this matter is an array of beech. The wood of this tree is strong and flexible at the same time. The furniture is light, and therefore visually light and airy. In a word, beech is a solution for those who are looking for a compromise between price and quality.

Hevea wood cabinets and other bedroom furniture are very popular. This unique rubber wood material is not afraid of moisture, does not absorb odors, and has high strength. And it is not surprising that the popularity of hevea furniture is increasing.

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