white hallway

white hallway

Using white in the interior is the best way to visually expand the space. The advantage of this color is the ability to create a design in any style, both classic and modern.

Hallway in white — zoning features

It is worth playing with white color carefully. The wrong approach to the choice of furniture and finishes will make the space “dry” and not expressive. It is desirable to divide even a small area into zones. It is appropriate to install white wardrobes in the hallways. Such a cabinet can accommodate a lot of things, while taking up minimal space. On the opposite side — a white bench in the hallway.

Zoning occurs through the use of various materials. The wooden base has proven itself well, as it withstands temperature changes well, which is important for this room. It can be wall panels. A white entrance hall in an array is the best solution. If the square of the room allows, it is not necessary to hide outerwear in closets, attach forged hooks to one of the walls. The hallway in white oak or other solid wood is best complemented with a mirror finish. Lighting is another way to delimit space. Wall lamps will lift the ceiling, spotlights in furniture and above the mirrors add coziness.

A great way to play up the interior is to lay out the floor tiles diagonally, the dark mosaic looks advantageous. A similar visual effect will be obtained by laying the laminate in a diagonal or transverse direction. This approach is the right solution for a narrow white hallway.

The main component in the design of any room is furniture. If the space is minimal, install furniture with an open part for storing everyday outerwear and closed for seasonal. You can not do without shelves and stands for various little things. If the room is large, you can turn it into a full-fledged functional room. A large white closet in the hallway with an armchair or pouffes, a table and a floor lamp — the main thing is not to overdo it. In the hallway of the «classic white» type, resembling a square in shape, it is advisable to use corner furniture.

White entrance hall — finishing materials

When choosing finishing materials, first of all, choose materials that are easy to care for. Quite practical is linoleum, ceramic tiles, laminate. A floor covering that imitates wood, slate, natural stone will fit well into the room in white tones. The white floor of the hallway looks spectacular, but requires more careful maintenance. The floor does not have to be done in light colors. You can play on the contrast, for example, make the floor black. This option is especially relevant in minimalism and Scandinavian trends.

The ceiling «white gloss» in the hallway will significantly expand the space. The effect is doubled if there is a full-length mirror on the cabinet or wall. Do not overdo it with glossy finishes and mirrors, otherwise staying in the room will cause discomfort.

White wallpaper in the hallway is perhaps a winning, albeit a standard solution. On a light background, with the help of accessories and finishes from various materials, you can create an interesting interior. The black and white hallway is close to minimalism. Brown and green background is used in eco style. A gray and white entrance hall with acidic accents is pop art. Designers recommend combining 3 colors in one room: for example, white brick in the hallway, light wood flooring and some dark color in order to add a graphic element to the room.

Using various design techniques, the white hallway will become a unique part of your home. White color is an excellent background that will fit into any stylistic direction.

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