Wardrobe in the bedroom

Wardrobe in the bedroom

The issue of arranging a bedroom largely begins with the choice of style and furniture. For a city apartment, minimalism in everything almost always remains the ideal solution. This saves time during repairs, allows you to clean up in the shortest possible time and keep the room in order. As for things, it is the closet that will help to arrange all the clothes in the bedroom in one place, to ensure order and comfort.

The choice of wardrobe in the bedroom

For those who have already decided and decided to give preference to sliding structures instead of a classic wardrobe, there is still a choice of the type of structure itself. Although the principle remains the same for everyone, the design is quite diverse.

  1. Niches are provided in many old buildings, which will be a great place for embedded systems. Sometimes such secluded corners remain after the redevelopment of apartments. The built-in closet will occupy all the niche in the bedroom, usually its height to the ceiling. As for the design, the doors are most often made of frosted glass or other material that blends with the wall. The beauty of the built-in wardrobe in the bedroom is that, if desired and with some skills, home craftsmen can build such a corner with their own hands.
  2. If the size of the room allows, consider buying a classic wardrobe in the bedroom. This is a frame with sliding doors. The shape is straight and angular, there are models with side shelves.
  3. The radial wardrobe in the bedroom is a modern design option. The very concept of «radius» means the bending of the structure. There are corner models that are installed directly in the corner of the room, while the corner will be cut off around the circumference. For spacious rooms, there are full-wall models with a wave-like bend.

Modern wardrobe in the bedroom

All of the listed design options can be found in several standard designs. First of all, it concerns the material. Most cabinets are made of wood or wood grain. A wardrobe made of wood is relatively rare in a bedroom due to its high cost, but there is an excellent compromise in the form of a combination of solid wood doors and an MDF base. The wenge closet in the bedroom has been fashionable for a long time. The noble shade of wenge is able to harmoniously fit into most interior styles.

It is in the bedroom that the closet with a mirror is considered relevant. For those who do not want to see their reflection in the bed, there is a frosted glass or patterned mirror. With the right lighting and paired with lighting, glass can visually expand the space a little. The mirror itself decorates both one of the parts of the sliding system and its entirety. Pay attention to coated mirrors, drawings are also applied by sandblasting.

No less relevant is the white wardrobe in the bedroom. The surface is matte and glossy, but for the sliding doors themselves there are countless solutions. White color goes well with large glass panels with frosted glass instead of wooden structures. The white wardrobe in the bedroom is decorated with drawings in pastel colors: macro photography of flowers and plants looks stylish. For a modern urban style, choose a white base and rattan panels, black and white print depicting the city and nature. There are completely original models made of bleached oak, for all their massiveness they do not seem bulky.

When the bedroom is used not only as a place to sleep, but also to relax during the day, the closet in the middle part can be arranged with shelves and a TV built in. Sometimes one of the side parts is left open and a place for bookshelves is determined. So you get not only a place for storing things, but also a full-fledged wall, because many combine a living room and a bedroom.

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