Walls in the corridor — finishing options

Walls in the corridor finishing options

Making repairs in the apartment, we pay attention to the main rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery, but we don’t really think about the decor of the corridor. But with the right choice of floor, ceiling and wall design, this room can become a real highlight of your home. How can you decorate the walls in the corridor, except for traditional wallpaper?

Materials for wall decoration in the corridor

In addition to the wallpapers that are boring to everyone, there are other interesting options for decorating the walls in the corridor.

  1. Wall decoration in the corridor wall panels is a beautiful, convenient and practical way. This material is easy to clean and easy to install. If any panel needs to be replaced, then this is not difficult to do. On sale there are panels of various shades and textures. This coating looks very impressive, and the price for it is quite acceptable. Wall panels are made of wood, PVC, MDF, drywall and even glass.
  2. For wall decoration in the corridor, you can choose natural or artificial brick or stone. Skillfully combining this wall decoration with other elements in the hallway, you can get an original and stylish interior of this room.
  3. The original way to finish the walls in the corridor can be decorative plaster. This material is environmentally friendly and has high strength. Such a coating can imitate sandstone or marble, wet silk or velor.
  4. Although we are all used to the fact that laminate — this is a floor covering, but it can also be used for wall decoration in the corridor. The method of connecting this material is the same as for the design of the floor — a comb-groove. The laminate is mounted on a wooden crate. These panels are perfectly combined with other materials.
  5. Modern industry produces a variety of types ceramic tiles, which is often used not only for decorating bathrooms, but also for decorating walls in the corridor. This coating has a variety of textures that mimic natural materials. You can purchase a collection of tiles that are finished in gold, silver, leather or silk.

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