Wallpaper in the room for girls

wallpaper in the room for girls

Wallpaper is often chosen for wall decoration in a nursery. They are subject to special requirements, because the durability of the repair, mood, inspiration and even the health of the child largely depend on their quality, characteristics and design. Fortunately, a wide range of this coating allows you to find a suitable option for any age and taste.

What wallpaper to choose for a girl’s children’s room?

In addition to the fact that it must certainly be beautiful wallpaper for a girl in a room, it is important to remember other selection criteria:

  • environmental cleanliness and safety of the material;
  • maximum ease of maintenance of the coating (preferably a smooth surface without a relief texture, where dust accumulates);
  • the ability to remove emerging pollution on the walls without losing the quality and beauty of the coating;
  • a calm palette of shades that does not irritate the psyche of the child.

Based on the foregoing, you can consider several options for wallpaper for girls in the room:

  1. Paper. A budget and safe option, but at the same time requiring more frequent updates due to the inability to wash the walls. Two-layer paper webs have greater strength.
  2. Non-woven or vinyl. Strong and reliable, but not allowing the walls to «breathe», which is why they are not recommended for finishing all the walls of the room. You can combine them with other finishing methods.
  3. Textile. High-quality and beautiful, but collecting dust, which is especially undesirable in the room of an allergic child.
  4. natural based on rice paper, bamboo, rattan, etc. Environmentally friendly, but at the same time they cost a lot. In addition, they are not presented in a wide range, which complicates the selection for the nursery.

Wallpaper for a newborn girl

Parents choose the wall covering, first of all, based on the age of their daughter. So, children’s wallpaper for walls for girls aged 0 to 3 years will be as simple as possible. Since healthy, restful sleep is important for a child at this age, he should be surrounded by a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere. In addition, the baby is unlikely to understand the complex drawings on the walls. It is worth forgetting about bright and contrasting colors altogether — they will irritate the delicate psyche.

wallpaper for girls room 1

Pastel colors, soothing shades, discreet drawings will help to relax not only the child, but also the mother, who spends a lot of time in the newborn’s room. In the postpartum period, the psychological state and mood of a woman is extremely important for the whole family, so the wallpaper for girls in the room should help her relax and calm.

wallpaper for girls room 2

Wallpaper for little girls

A baby at the age of 3-6 years is already full of energy and curiosity. She is occupied with cartoon characters, bright pictures, thematic and plot images — they often participate in her games and fantasies. The circle of interests of the child is already much wider, so you can use brighter wallpapers for girls in the room, photo wallpapers with your favorite characters. At the same time, it is better to choose washable coatings so that traces of the “creativity” of the fidget can be removed from them.

wallpaper for girls room 3

If a girl has a temperamental character and is very mobile, instead of bright and colorful, it is better to choose cute wallpapers for girls that would not act on her overly exciting. Calm shades and discreet patterns, vertical and horizontal stripes are preferable in this case. In the same monochrome tones, you can complete the whole room.

wallpaper for girls room 4

Wallpaper for a girl 7 years old

In addition to games and sleep, girls at this age have compulsory school classes, as well as hobbies and hobbies. Therefore, in addition to the fact that we need beautiful wallpapers for girls, cognitive ones with images of letters, numbers, world maps, etc. will also be useful. They can be located in the desktop area to further focus on learning.

wallpaper for girls room 5

Wallpaper for a teenage girl’s room

In adolescence, the choice of room design can be partially or completely entrusted to an older child. You will also have to monitor the quality and environmental friendliness of materials. Wallpaper for a teenage girl can be stylistically different:

  • romantic — pink, beige, pale green, with images of hearts, flowers, while the rest of the decor should match the chosen style;
  • wallpaper for girls room 6

  • minimalistic — plain with small bright accents, the room should also not have unnecessary details;
  • wallpaper for girls room 7

  • hi-tech — a bold style chosen by active and modern teenage girls, wall coverings in this case imitate brickwork, sometimes with graffiti;
  • wallpaper for girls room 8

  • mixed — sometimes in a teenager’s room there are different styles at the same time, while the design of the walls is also combined.
  • wallpaper for girls room 9

Wallpaper color for a girl’s children’s room

The psycho-emotional state of its inhabitant depends on the choice of the color of the camp in the nursery, so this issue is extremely important for her and for her parents. Psychologists advise avoiding bright colors and colorful patterns. But pastel colors — pale pink, peach, green, beige, are very suitable. In addition to color, it is important to pay attention to colors. The universal pattern is a floral ornament.

wallpaper for girls room 10

If we consider current trends, 3D wallpapers for girls are in trend. They can have a simple pattern or more complex, small and large. In any case, this option is very popular with all age categories of the young inhabitants of the rooms. This method of wall decoration has an additional advantage, because it creates visual volume and depth, makes the design more interesting and unusual.

wallpaper for girls room 11

pink wallpapers for girls

The most expected color when we choose wallpapers for girls in a room is pink and its derivatives. At the same time, it is important not to oversaturate the interior and not make it cloying. Choose soft pink, peach, beige shades that create a cozy and warm atmosphere. It is not necessary to paste over all the walls with the same canvases. You can choose one of them for a contrasting finish, and make the rest plain.

wallpaper for girls room 12

Also, when choosing wallpapers for girls, we often consider flowers and other floral ornaments. Gentle natures are characterized by love and craving for everything living, beautiful, romantic. From infancy, we instill such qualities in our daughters, and gentle drawings, combined with pleasant shades, help us in this, forming a fairy-tale world around them.

wallpaper for girls room 13

Blue wallpapers for girls

Although there is a stereotype in the world that says that blue is the color for boys, sometimes the most beautiful wallpapers for girls are just blue. It is known that blue and its shades have a positive effect on the psyche, just do not choose too pale blue, as it makes the room “cold”. On the other hand, saturated blue greatly reduces the room visually. So you need to try to find a «golden mean».

wallpaper for girls room 14

Yellow wallpaper in the bedroom for a girl

If you have a slightly melancholic and phlegmatic child, and you do not know what wallpaper to choose for a girl, take a closer look at sunny shades. They are able to cheer up and charge with positive energy. Depending on the saturation, the color can be the main accent or just the background. In any case, the baby will be very pleased to be in such a room.

wallpaper for girls room 15

Green wallpaper for walls for girls

Modern styles accept a bright palette of colors, so green wallpaper in a bedroom for a teenage girl in combination with pink, white, blue can become a breath of air, a very colorful and life-affirming tandem. At the same time, the character of the child must be taken into account so that such a bright design does not soon get bored or annoying, because, on the contrary, it is designed to inspire and delight.

wallpaper for girls room 16

Regardless of age, the child should feel comfortable, at ease and protected in his room. Wall decor plays an important role in all this. Considering all the features of age and character, as well as striving for health safety, you will be able to make the room for your daughter the best.

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