Village house design

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The design of a country house, as a rule, is simple and modest in design, it is dominated by an atmosphere of homely warmth and comfort, it serves as an ideal place for the whole family to relax.

At the same time, the design of even the smallest village house can be elegant, sophisticated and luxurious.

Requirements for the design of premises in a village house

The design of the house in a rustic country style carries simplicity, it is very functional, naturalness is visible in everything, devoid of pretentiousness and embellishment.

It is advisable not to use modern artificial materials when decorating the interior design of a village house, it is better if it is natural wood, brick, stone. The design of a living room in a country house will lose its originality if, for example, linoleum is used on the floor, but elements made of wood, natural fabrics and other decorative finishing materials, especially colors close to nature: green, blue, brown, will look like fabulous.

A living room with a stove looks very stylish and fashionable when decorating the interior design of a village house; it will not only decorate the room, but will also become a family gathering place on long winter evenings, bringing warmth and comfort to the house.

When designing rooms in a country house, one should not overload it with unnecessary items, especially modern appliances. So, for example, a washing machine can be built into a wooden structure, furniture, it is also better to choose from natural wood, this will emphasize the rustic style.

But the design of the kitchen in a village house allows for the presence of modern technology, it looks original and profitable against the background of both a brick wall and a log one.

In order to distract from the transience and bustle of city life in the design of a village house, it is advisable to use soft, calm lighting, to abandon bright, catchy tones, everything in such a house should be conducive to relaxation, peace and tranquility.

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