Upholstered furniture for the living room in a classic style


Upholstered furniture for the living room in a classic style

The living room is the main room in any house or apartment. Every owner wants it to look cozy, beautiful and stylish. Therefore, many people choose a classic style for the living room, which is characterized by symmetry, harmony, graceful forms, as well as high-quality materials in the design of furniture. To make the living room comfortable and beautiful, there are several design ways, one of which is well-chosen upholstered furniture for the living room in a classic style.

Design of upholstered furniture in classic style

High-quality upholstered furniture in the classic style is always in trend. The set of furniture for the living room may include one or even two soft sofas, a pair of armchairs on high curly legs. There are sets with soft ottomans or banquettes. In the living room, decorated in a classic style, upholstered furniture is most often designed in light colors: beige, cream, milky. Such shades emphasize the richness, solemnity and at the same time the grace of the interior.

For the manufacture of upholstered furniture, valuable wood is used: walnut, cherry, oak, Karelian birch. Such material is able to emphasize the respectability and elegance of the classic interior in the living room. Natural materials are used as furniture upholstery: satin, silk, flock, jacquard, chenille, artificial or natural leather.

Furniture for a modern living room in a classic style is durable, reliable and stylish. It may have an unusual design. For example, you can buy a classic sofa with a bookshelf, side table or even a pull-out mini bar. Sofas and armchairs for the living room in the classic style can be decorated with luxurious designer prints, embossing, embroidery with gilding.


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