The combination of colors in the interior curtains and wallpaper

As you know, in order to create a successful design of a room, it is important that some of its elements overlap and complement each other. That is why even in the process of planning a stylish interior, special attention should be paid to the combination of colors of curtains and wallpaper.

Of course, the texture, pattern and style of certain paintings are taken into account. However, in the case of an incorrect, contradictory combination of colors of wallpaper and curtains in the interior, the room may look dull and tasteless. To avoid such embarrassment, in our article we will consider the most successful combinations of shades of these two separate elements.

The combination of colors of curtains and wallpaper in the interior

Surely, you have already noticed how often contrasts occur in the world of design and creativity. Brightly painted walls or colorful curtains add expressiveness and a special charm to a monotonous interior.

The contrasting combination of colors of wallpaper and curtains in the interior is a common thing, but some nuances should be taken into account in this matter. To avoid «vinaigrette» it is worth remembering that the same bright wallpaper and curtains cannot be used in the same room. This will lead to visual overload. For similar color combinations of curtains and wallpapers in the interior, you can use wallpaper in rich colors: blue, green, orange, brown, while decorating the windows with curtains in light shades of beige, sand, silver. So, in a room with silver walls, turquoise, pale pink or light yellow curtains look good.

A combination of colors of wallpaper and curtains is considered successful. «neutral walls and flashy windows». In this case, when the walls are pasted over with plain wallpaper in light, almost pale tones, the curtains, on the contrary, have a bright and colorful print, which enliven the interior.

Subject «catchy wallpaper and neutral curtains» suitable for larger spaces. Calm and “light” shades of curtains look harmoniously against the background of juicy, colored wallpapers.

The classic option for combining the colors of curtains and wallpaper in the interior is the combination «tone on tone». This design option is the easiest, because it is not difficult to choose curtains of the same shade as the wallpaper. So that they do not merge with the walls, it is better to hang the curtains a tone lighter or darker.

The combination of colors of curtains and wallpaper with a similar pattern also looks very attractive in the interior. Then, the drawing, on the curtains, is duplicated in a single form on the walls, and vice versa.

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