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Ceiling in the toilet - which finish is best?

Thinking about how to finish the ceiling in the toilet, then you should know about the most common materials that have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to decide on the color scheme and lighting options in order to get an excellent design result.

What ceiling to make in the toilet?

Please note that there is plumbing, plumbing and sewerage in the toilet room, if some kind of breakdown occurs, then for repairs it is important to proceed from the principle of minimal damage to the finish. Choosing the option of the ceiling in the toilet, you need to focus on the following principles:

  1. The material chosen must be resistant to moisture, not susceptible to condensation and not become a breeding ground for mold and germs.
  2. Ceiling trim should not block access to pipes. The selected option should not impede the laying of electrical wires and ventilation.
  3. Of great importance is the ease of care of the towel in the toilet. Ideally, if the surface can be cleaned with a damp sponge without complex manipulations.
  4. When choosing a material, it is important to consider that it must meet the chosen design and fit the walls and ceiling.
  5. The design of the ceiling should not take up much space and not reduce the height of the room.

Stretch ceiling in the toilet

Gone are the days when stretch ceilings were expensive, so they began to be used in different rooms, including the toilet. It is recommended to buy PVC coatings, as they reliably resist moisture. The matte and glossy ceiling in the toilet perfectly protects against fungus and reflects up to 80% of the light falling on it, which visually expands the space. The disadvantages of a stretch ceiling are that it absorbs odors and vapors and does not withstand water pressure during flooding. In case of deformation, the film will have to be restored.

stretch ceiling in the toilet

Suspended ceiling in the toilet

If the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe toilet allows, then it is recommended to use drywall for finishing and make a multi-level ceiling. It is important to choose a moisture resistant material. The plasterboard ceiling in the toilet does not deform even at 90% humidity, it is environmentally friendly, has an attractive appearance and is easy to install. Such a finish is not suitable if the room has low ceilings, and even when flooded, the material will have to be completely replaced.

false ceiling in the toilet

Slatted ceiling in the toilet

If you are looking for a spectacular and functional finish that is also easy to care for, then you can use a slatted ceiling in the toilet, which is made of aluminum or galvanized steel. Such slats do not rust, are fire hazardous and can be washed without fear of spoiling. Metal panels do not sag or rot. It is easy to hide electrical wiring under them, which is also an important plus.

When describing which ceiling is best done in the toilet, it is worth noting that this option has a wide range of colors. You can combine matte shades with gold and chrome panels. It is worth noting that the material is affordable and the installation of the panels is simple, so you can handle it yourself. Many consider the fact that the rack ceiling takes 5-15 cm in height as a minus.

slatted ceiling in the toilet

panel ceiling in toilet

Finishing with plastic panels is popular, which helps to make the room neat and aesthetically attractive. The ceiling made of PVC panels in the toilet is not afraid of moisture, tolerates temperature extremes well, does not allow the development of mold, and it also turns out to be perfectly even. The panels have different lengths of 25-30 cm and they have locks on the side, which facilitates the installation process. Installation is quick and easy, and it’s also worth noting the affordable price. The disadvantages include the fact that some panels look «cheap» and the connections between the panels are visible, which is not critical.

panel ceiling in toilet

Finishing the ceiling of the toilet clapboard

A classic is the decoration of the ceiling with a wooden clapboard. The popularity of this material is due to its excellent performance, environmental friendliness, ease of installation, functionality and practicality. Describing which is better to choose a ceiling for the toilet, it is worth pointing out that wooden lining is one of the most affordable options for the price. Do not worry about high humidity, because thanks to a simple impregnation with special products, you can get excellent protection. Please note that you will have to use an additional frame and properly care for the ceiling.

lining the ceiling of the toilet clapboard

Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

If you want to not only increase the space, but also give originality to the room, then choose mirror panels for finishing the ceiling. They have excellent moisture resistance and with proper installation, you can not be afraid of mold. In addition, this option for finishing the ceiling in the toilet visually increases the space, the mirror panels are easy to install and the design is very attractive. The cons are subjective, so they include the high cost and the need to use special care products.

mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

Toilet — how to paint the ceiling?

When choosing the right paint, keep in mind that it must be resistant to moisture and have antibacterial properties. When describing which is better to make a ceiling for a toilet, it is worth pointing out that water-based paints are the most popular and the following types are recommended:

  1. Acrylic. Such compositions are the most popular because they have a low price and perfectly envelop the surface of the ceiling, which is important given the high humidity.
  2. Latex. Paints of this type are distinguished by the fact that after drying, a strong film forms on the surface, so the surface is resistant to the negative effects of moisture and dirt. It is worth noting that this option is more expensive than acrylic.
  3. Silicone. These are modern and high-quality paints that have a vapor-tight structure. The price for them is quite high.

how to paint toilet ceiling

Wallpaper for toilet ceiling

One of the easiest and most affordable finishing options is wallpapering. The advantages of this finish include a wide range of colors and patterns, you do not need to create additional frames and you can do the work yourself. The ceiling in a small toilet will be cheap, so you can regularly change the design by re-gluing the wallpaper. As for the minuses, this finish has low moisture resistance and a tendency to form fungus and mold in toilets with poor ventilation. Another disadvantage is that it is difficult to glue in hard-to-reach places.

wallpaper on toilet ceiling

Toilet ceiling color

To choose a color finish, you must consider the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room and the ratio of height to length and width. To visually “increase” the height, use stretch ceilings or other light-colored finishes in the bathroom and toilet, as well as blue, pink, green and beige. You can stop at the classics, that is, white blooms. For decoration, the use of silver and light metallic shades is allowed. The original alternative is a mirrored ceiling in the toilet.

For rooms in which the length and width are small and the ceilings seem very high, light shades are not recommended, since the toilet will be like in a well. The best solution for such rooms is dark colors: blue, purple, dark gray and so on. It is not recommended to use the same color for the ceiling and walls, as the room will be uncomfortable.

Toilet ceiling lighting

In any room, including the toilet, it is important to consider lighting that adds value to the atmosphere. In addition, it should be borne in mind that there is no window in this room. The use of a single light bulb in the center of the room is a thing of the past and there are many original solutions, especially if a false ceiling is used in the toilet. It is worth considering the following features:

  1. In cramped spaces, it is not recommended to install wall lights, as they can «steal» the right space. It is better to choose ceiling options, for example, several point models or special lighting located around the perimeter.
  2. An excellent solution is a stained-glass window with lighting on the ceiling, which will not only make the room brighter, but also add originality to the design. A novelty are the light panels, which can even be installed on the rear wall.
  3. If the area is large, then you can use wall lights, which in most cases are mounted near the mirrors.

bathroom ceiling lighting


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