Teenage room

room for a teenager

Growing children need an improved design of their apartments. A room for a teenager should become the embodiment of his hobbies, this is the personal space of a child in which a young person studies, relaxes, and communicates with friends. He should be as comfortable as possible in his corner.

How to furnish a teenager’s room?

A room for a growing child should create an atmosphere in which you can improve, realize your ideas and dream. In order for the interior to become expressive, it is important to choose the right color for the room for a teenager in accordance with the gender of the child. Bright shades energize, dark ones inspire calmness, light ones are conducive to positive. Then fill the room with functional furniture for arranging the workplace and recreation area. Furnishings should fit the chosen direction of the interior.

Room design for a teenage girl

Adolescence is a period of personality formation. Romantic natures will prefer to decorate their personal space in white, pink with accent details. The interior of the room for a teenager girl can be seen in lilac, turquoise, peach, gray, coral, in a single version or in combination with other colors. The young lady’s apartment is multifunctional. They have a sleeping area, the bed is selected with metal backs or an elegant upholstered headboard. You can decorate it with a canopy, separate it from the rest of the space with a screen, a curtain.

teen room 1

Be sure to have a dressing table with a soft bench in the room for a teenager girl, it is advisable to install a sofa for receiving guests or ottomans. The working area is arranged by the window, equipped with a table with add-ons, shelves. For an emerging personality, you need a hobby corner, which will house a guitar or drawers for needlework. Any fashionista will need a spacious wardrobe, decorated to match the interior.

teen room 2

As themes for decoration, a romantic is popular with a predominance of pink shades, hearts, and airy fabrics. Paris attracts with light colors, elegance, wrought iron furniture. Girls like modern style thanks to the smoothness of the lines and the ability to apply bright accents on a soft color background. For posters, photographs and posters, you need to take a special place, they will definitely appear.

teen room 3

Teen boy room design

Furnishing a room for a young man implies a reasonable compromise between functionality and originality of decoration, and should be in harmony with his inner world. At the peak of popularity, young men still have calm and practical shades of blue, green, and gray. If you add a little white to the interior of a room for a teenager boy, he will make it fresher. The accent wall can be decorated with a map for the entire area, brickwork, photo wallpapers, graffiti, and painting.

teen room 4

A bed in a teenager’s room is suitable with clear straight elements and drawers. You will also need a laconic wardrobe, a compact desktop, open shelves. Boys will love the high-tech design style without unnecessary details with cold shades, marine design with elements of ship paraphernalia, brutal loft or strict minimalism. The walls are decorated with posters, inscriptions, items on sports, music, photos of your favorite football team or snowboard, bicycle, guitar — all in accordance with the tastes of the emerging personality.

teen room 5

Room design for two teenagers

The decor of the bedroom for young people is made up of little things dear to their hearts. A room for two teenagers should define each of them a personal space for arranging a corner according to their interests. A couple of boys can equip a sports corner, install a simulator, dumbbells or a punching bag. As a bed, you can use a bunk version or zone the room and select two sleeping areas.

teen room 6

Two girls fit a pair of vintage-style beds, mirrors, a large closet. The sleeping places located nearby will allow the sisters to have a nice secret. It’s important to leave space for cute photos and trinkets for each one. For teenagers of different sexes, they will have to install screens and curtains and divide the room into two private zones.

teen room 7

Decorating a room for a teenager

In adolescence, the orientation of interests is formed, this is the time of new impressions and secrets. A growing daughter or son needs privacy. In a teenager’s room, interior design needs to be thought out together with the child. Guys prefer ultra-modern room decor, dreamy girls may want a more romantic setting. It is important to allow them to choose their own wallpaper, to equip a special border on which the child can hang posters and photographs. All details of the room are selected in the same style.

Wallpaper in the room for a teenager boy

Any young person has a hobby, thanks to which a theme for interior design is selected. Wallpaper can be purchased with drawings, plain or textured. Shades — green, blue, blue, gray gamma. Monochrome canvases are complemented by an accent wall, on which pictures with idols, graffiti or prints on your favorite topic are placed — army, sports (boxing, football), automotive. The contrast on the walls will give the room creativity.

teen room 8

Ideas for a teenage girl’s room are interesting, such a room should be softer and more gentle. Light range — beige, lilac, pale blue, soft pink. With the help of stencils on the walls, you can make beautiful drawings — hearts, flowers, curls. The girl will like the image of the Eiffel Tower, urban graffiti or a beautiful female silhouette over the sofa.

teen room 9

Wall mural in a teenager’s room

The room for young people must be colorful. A room for a teenager will look bright with photo wallpapers. They are a great alternative to the stickers, drawings and posters that abound in young people’s apartments. A white room for a teenager with photo wallpapers on one of the walls looks especially bright. From a huge number of drawings, the child is sure to find an image to his liking. It is better to place photo wallpapers on a separate wall — above the bed or sofa. Popular stories:

  • actors, film stills;
  • musical groups, singers;
  • cityscapes or nature;
  • romantic direction: floral motifs, plots with Paris, couples in love;
  • fashion industry: stylish clothes, accessories.

teen room 10

Ceiling in a teenager’s room

In such an interior, every detail matters. Ceiling design is an integral part in creating a harmonious atmosphere in the home. The most popular options are stretch or suspended drywall coatings. Beautiful rooms for teenagers are complemented by canvases with a bright printed pattern on the right theme. It is easy to mount hidden fashionable lighting in such designs.

teen room 11

Furniture for a teenager’s room

Young people like everything modern, unusual. The room is divided into zones — work, a place to sleep and receive friends. A strict bed for boys is selected, for girls it is elegant with capes of suitable colors. The sofa in the teenager’s room is small, but stylish. Bright upholstery, decorative pillows will decorate the interior. A folding model is relevant in a small room or a minimalist interior; this choice will eliminate the need to install a bed in the room.

teen room 12

A closet in a teenager’s room can be installed in a compartment, or better built-in. Facades are easy to decorate with a pattern, sandblast printing to match the style of the interior. The table in the room for a teenager is chosen roomy, it can be angular so that a computer can be placed on it. It is better to choose a model with add-ons, open shelves, racks on which you can place photos, objects for study.

teen room 13

Curtains in a teenager’s room

Beautiful curtains are the soul of the interior. Curtains in the room of a teenager boy are selected strict, concise, models on grommets with regular folds are popular. The colors are selected monophonic or with a pattern to match the style of the interior. For a girl, curtains are selected in the opposite way — the canvases are straight, with braid, numerous folds, scallops, tiebacks, complex draperies. The tulle curtain is relevant in the girl’s room.

teen room 14

Teen room decor

The design of the space for young people is replete with details that highlight their hobbies. When deciding how to decorate a teenager’s room, you need to give the choice to him. The children will pick up cute little things for themselves. These are pictures, posters, graffiti, themed trinkets, figurines, cups, even a framed certificate of honor will become their pride.

teen room 15

For boys, life buoys, barometers, huge wall clocks, maps, a guitar — everything that matches the chosen interior theme can be suitable. Girls like to place photos, pictures on the theme of fashion, beautiful actresses, romantic landscapes in their space. There is no need to limit the desires of the child — let him hang in the intended place and put on the shelves everything that is dear to him.

teen room 16

A room for a teenager is an opportunity for his self-expression. It should be replete with bright colors, fashion accessories, themed decor. In a room decorated according to the hobbies of a young man, he is pleased to spend more time, dream and create, invite his friends. Attentive attitude to the needs of your child and competent design will allow you to find the perfect solution for a beautiful interior design.

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