Table in the living room

Table in the living room

The living room in a modern house, as a rule, is a multifunctional room — they receive guests here, relax, watch TV shows, sometimes even work or spend their leisure time at the computer. To make your stay in each of the indicated semantic zones as comfortable as possible, you can’t do without this or that table in the living room.

Table in the interior of the living room

Of course, the choice of a table in the living room will largely depend on its size, the style of interior design, on the preferences and capabilities of the owners of the house. So, for example, it is better to choose a sliding dining table in the living room if large feasts often take place in your house — if necessary, it is easy to push it apart, increasing the number of seats. For these purposes, you can choose a rectangular or square dining table in the living room.

More comfortably in the living room, guests will be seated at a round or oval table.

If crowded gatherings in your house are rare, then in the living room it is quite possible to get by with a small coffee table. The classic version of such a table in the living room is a small table with a wooden or glass top on elegant legs (often curved or carved). But, since multifunctional items are more convenient in everyday life, it is better to choose, for example, a coffee table in the living room, but a transforming table — if necessary, you can easily receive several unexpected guests behind it. Convenient in the living room and a table-cabinet, which, if necessary, also unfolds into a small dining table, and when folded it is, for example, a cabinet-stand for a flower or a vase. The external design of both large dining tables and coffee tables should be chosen depending on the overall style of the living room.

So in the living rooms of classic designs, wooden tables of various designs are more appropriate — with carved elements, on figured legs, inlaid and so on.

But in loft or high-tech living rooms, glass tables on chrome-plated metal legs will look best. Tables made of frosted glass of smooth, rounded shapes will harmoniously fit into the interior of the modern living room.

And, of course, one of the simplest furnishing options — a wall set complete with a table is purchased for the living room.

Table as a zoning element

At present, in order to increase the size of the usable living space, they often resort to the method of combining several rooms into one large one, followed by the allocation of separate functional zones in it. In this case, for example, by installing a computer desk in the living room, you can easily highlight the work area. Further. The working area in a small living room can be organized using a custom-made window sill table.

A high bar table in the living room will easily separate the dining area from, say, the recreation area.

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