Stretch ceiling in the hallway

A stretch ceiling in a hallway can add personality to a room and complete a carefully thought-out room design. The choice of this or that option of a stretch ceiling depends on several factors.

Stretch ceiling design in the hallway

The corridors in all apartments and houses are different, and therefore the ceiling in each case should be selected based on the shape of the room, as well as its height.

A stretch ceiling in a narrow corridor is best to choose a matte texture, as it will not visually make the ceiling even higher. Another good solution is a satin stretch ceiling in the hallway, which is a cross between a matte and glossy option.

If the room is high enough, then it is quite possible to afford a two-level stretch ceiling in the corridor, such a design always looks unusual and intricate.

But for a low corridor, a ceiling with a glossy effect is shown, visually expanding the space. Also a good solution would be a stretch ceiling with photo printing in the corridor, because it also gives the effect of increasing the dimensions of the room. With a low ceiling, it is especially important to think over a stretch ceiling with lighting in the corridor; it is best to choose spotlights and small lamps.

The color of the stretch ceiling in the hallway

The color range of stretch fabrics is currently unlimited, if desired, you can choose absolutely any shade. However, most often the choice falls on the classic white color, which creates a feeling of cleanliness and high ceilings. Recently, a black stretch ceiling in the corridor is also gaining popularity. This color, combined with light baseboards and walls, also gives the effect of increasing the height, while looking more interesting and creative. Color solutions in pastel colors are also becoming more and more in demand, but bright shades are still intimidating for many, although they can create no less interesting design solutions.

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