Small living room in an apartment with a fireplace


Little living room

Organization of space in small rooms is not an easy task. Even deciding what wallpaper to glue the walls and ceiling in a small living room causes a lot of controversy. There are many interesting options for choosing the style of interior, finishing materials and decor that can help turn a tiny room into a cozy apartment.

small modern living rooms

The small area of ​​​​the room imposes some restrictions when choosing a color palette or furnishings. It is advisable to use original ideas for a small living room that can create a great illusion of spaciousness. Most modern design trends are well suited for apartments with modest dimensions, much more difficult for lovers of chic classics that require lush decor. In this case, the owners will have to select furniture, photo wallpapers, a bar counter and other items in a small living room with special care and taste.

Small classic living room

It is forbidden to use flashy colors in the decoration of the room, light shades of beige, brown, gray are suitable. White cabinet furniture or dark wood items look harmonious, armchairs with sofas should be purchased in plain colors. A small classic living room looks stylish when using textiles with vintage ornaments, plaid, striped. Of the architectural details, moldings, ceiling friezes are used. Instead of a huge chandelier on a long suspension, it is better to buy a classic-looking ceiling lamp for a small living room.

Small living room 1

Small living room in loft style

In a one-room apartment, to embody the loft style, you often have to go for alterations. The partitions between the kitchen or the insulated loggia are removed, the resulting spacious room is divided into functional zones. Visually, the division is made by finishing materials, furniture, lighting. Even a primitive narrow small living room looks more spacious after such work. It is not recommended to clutter it up, install a sofa in the center, and around ottomans, easy chairs, a coffee table. The loft often uses unplastered walls, instead of blinds.

Small living room 2

Small modern living room

To make the room look more spacious, you can install sliding structures instead of ordinary interior doors or make the opening completely free. The modern interior is not overloaded with household items, only the most necessary things are purchased. Furniture for a small living room is always selected functional and compact — a folding sofa, a table made of glass or other materials, a modular storage system, a TV. In addition to the chandelier, additional light sources are used in the form of night lamps, sconces, point built-in appliances.

Small living room 3

Small living room in Provence style

A feature of this style is the presence in the interior of aged but elegant furniture, pastel colors, original patterns, colorful dishes, embroideries, living plants. The design of a small living room should be simple, radiate the atmosphere of a country house. Instead of wallpaper, rough plaster is used, the walls are upholstered with wood. Textiles are purchased mainly natural — cotton, linen. In a small living room, the use of short cafe-type curtains is welcome, which can be combined with pelmets, Roman or roller blinds.

Small living room 4

Small living room minimalism

This style is distinguished by exquisite simplicity, a small number of pieces of furniture and decor, open space and an abundance of light, strict geometric lines. Widely used white, beige, ash, sand. Instead of colorful pictures in textiles, monochromatic colors and geometric ornaments are used. Curtains for a small living room in a minimalist style should seem to merge with the wall together, creating soft lighting. Furniture is bought in a laconic form without carving and artistic painting.

Small living room 5

Small modern living room

In such interiors, natural colors are always present — different shades of green and brown, pearl gray shades, purple tones. A small cozy living room should be decorated with wood, plaster, stone, ceramic or glass mosaics are allowed. You can use wallpaper with floral patterns, paintings with calm landscapes, photographs. The furniture in the room is installed cabinet, with carved or forged elements. Instead of massive and bulky items, it is better to purchase things with smooth outlines that look light and elegant on the outside.

Small living room 6

Design of a small living room in an apartment

Any enclosed space with modest dimensions should be filled as much as possible with artificial and daylight, creating a feeling of depth of space inside. Very often, due to space savings, this room is combined in apartments with a dining room or kitchen. For this reason, you have to come up with additional design tricks, how to furnish a small living room so that the main room in the house remains cozy, not overloaded with furniture.

small living room design with fireplace

An old-style wood-burning heater looks impressive, but you additionally need to find a place for fuel, equip a chimney, and a protective screen. It is best to install an easy-to-clean electrical appliance that is modest in size and fits perfectly into any interior design of a small living room. Now it is easy to choose glass and plastic products for a modern setting, examples of classical performance in the Baroque, Gothic or Empire styles.

A special design requires a wall by the fireplace, which affects the appearance of the entire room. The design of the heating device must exactly match the style of the room. In a classic interior, it is desirable to have a living flame or its imitation, to use stone, marble, old types of bricks for decoration. An interesting and easy-to-use architectural element is the mantelpiece. It is good to place paintings, photographs, souvenirs, works of art, various decor on it.

Small living room 7

Design of a small living room-bedroom

Combining rooms with different purposes is a time-consuming and difficult task. There are several ways to embody the ideas of a small living room bedroom. The easiest way is to install folding furniture in the room, but this technique leads to daily manipulations with the sofa bed, which takes time and effort. It is more rational to divide the room into zones with the help of partitions, screens, high furniture in the form of racks or cabinets, drywall structures. For their visual highlighting, close or contrasting colors are used in the decoration, which should be combined with each other.

Small living room 8

The interior of a small kitchen-living room

Combining these premises provides significant advantages. You prepare dinner in one room, eat food and, having stepped a couple of steps, you find yourself in a recreation area. The hostess gets the opportunity to look after the kids, communicate with family members or enjoy television programs without being distracted from kitchen problems. Inconvenience is caused by odors that occur during cooking and frying of dishes, but they are successfully eliminated with the help of a powerful hood.

A small kitchen combined with a living room looks cozy only in the case of a competent and harmonious delineation of zones. A good way out for a family of three or four people is to install a bar counter that can replace a large dining table. You can use flooring of different textures and colors, multi-level ceilings, various finishes on the walls. If you want to completely or partially close the stove from view, then buy a movable partition, a screen, a partition-counter, a stylish glass rack at home.

Little living room 9

Small living room with balcony

Such redevelopment is associated with the complete or partial removal of partitions, the coordination of project documentation in many instances. In order for these works to be beneficial, high-quality insulation of the loggia or balcony should be carried out. Care must be taken to ensure that the new living space is perceived as a single composition with the living room. Decorate the walls, ceiling and floor in the same design style, use similar building materials in repairs.

The interior of the living room in a small apartment, combined with a balcony, looks unique and has a lot of advantages. In addition to a significant expansion of space, the owners of the apartment get the opportunity to equip a comfortable functional area in this place. If you do not want to dismantle the window sill completely, then here you can equip a bar counter, a shelf for flowers, a bookshelf. Near the window it is convenient to create a beautiful winter garden, to equip an office for an adult or a child.

Small living room 10

It is not uncommon for homeowners to fail to realize all their excellent design ideas due to the small size of the living space, but there is always an opportunity to increase comfort a little. Ditch bulky items in favor of functional small modular living room sets to maximize your space. The compact arrangement of furniture, the design of the room in bright colors, the choice of an unobtrusive style are the main techniques to make a small living room stylish and as comfortable as possible in everyday life.


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