sliding wardrobe in the living room all over the wall0

The sliding wardrobe is a convenient modern storage system. In addition, it additionally decorates the interior. A sliding wardrobe in the living room, located on the entire wall, will allow you to hide a compartment for things, equipment, utensils, shelves for books and much more. A properly designed and constructed model includes almost everything.

Sliding wardrobe on the entire wall — spaciousness and beauty

In such wardrobes, the facade is the main visible part, has a special meaning and is often the most beautiful element. Doors can be made of frosted or corrugated glass, mirrors and decorate them with stained-glass windows, drawings or unique photographs. Translucent or mirror facades with original ornaments become a real decoration of the room.

For a modern minimalist style, full-wall cabinets are the best solution because they do not clutter up the space of the room.

An important feature of the wardrobe installed in the hall on the entire wall is its internal content. There may be a bar, a compartment for equipment, shelves, drawers, metal baskets. In such furniture, all this is hidden from prying eyes and from dust.

A built-in wardrobe on the entire wall can have a harmonious look. In the decoration of its wings, you can include wallpaper that decorates the walls of the room or photo printing. Thus, a single compact composition will be created.

An interesting addition to the wardrobe on the entire wall is a niche with a TV. This solution is functional and practical for the living room, it can become its main furniture.

With the help of a sliding wardrobe installed in a room on the entire wall, you can harmonize the living space as much as possible. It will save space and not clutter it with numerous bedside tables, chests of drawers and lockers.

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