Short curtains for the bedroom

Short curtains in the bedroom 0

For some reason, most housewives believe that short curtains are only suitable for the kitchen or children’s room, acquiring for other rooms mostly long curtains hanging down to the floor. But fashion dictates its own rules; recently, more and more often in apartments, people are practicing the use of short curtains in the interior of the bedroom. The reason for this trend lies not only in the craze for minimalism. It turned out that there are many varieties, both modern and ancient types of short curtains, which are great for human life in the 21st century.

Design examples of short curtains for the bedroom

  1. French curtains. This option will suit admirers of the classics, because the French variety of short curtains is distinguished by beautiful draperies, an abundance of folds, and chic decor. Incredibly elegant and elegant fabrics are also used here — satin with silk, taffeta, beautiful organza.
  2. London short curtains for the bedroom. This type of curtains is also called English curtains. They have a lifting mechanism, which consists of a set of rings, cord, chains. In a London blind, the middle section is usually wide, and the two extreme ones are short. Sometimes the height of such curtains is regulated by freely falling ribbons, and then the need for additional complex devices disappears. This type of drapery is made from dense and heavy fabric, so it looks vintage and stylish.
  3. Austrian curtain. This type of curtain differs from the English curtain in that here the vertical sections, which are called balloons, are of the same size. In addition, they look more airy, lush and feminine. Such short and exquisite curtains are great for a girl’s bedroom. In addition, such drapery looks good in the Provence style or in other European vintage styles.
  4. Short curtain in the bedroom in the style of «Cafe». The main difference between this curtain and other similar analogues is that the cornice is fixed not at the top, but at half the height of the window opening. The fabric of the curtain itself can consist of two parts or be solid. So that the window does not look too poor, it is often decorated with a simple lambrequin, which usually does not strike with an abundance of folds. Curtains in the style of «Cafe» are perfect for verandas, cottages, rural houses, kitchens, living quarters in the style of Provence and country.

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