Shabby chic in the interior — kitchen, nursery, bedroom in shabby chic style

shabby chic in the interior

The art of design constantly offers new images in the design of premises. Shabby chic in the interior combines the charm of rarities, the elegance and wear of antiques. The style is suitable for sensual, romantic and elegant natures who appreciate family values ​​and a warm, cozy, homely atmosphere, airiness and lightness.

Shabby chic style in the interior

You can translate the name of the situation as “shabby shine”. The design combines the features of Provence, Baroque, and Retro. Furniture items are used antique or artificially aged, decorated with decoupage, carved overlays. Shabby chic decor is characteristic. Such a room is a kingdom with many angels, roses that adorn vases, dishes, and ceramics. Delicate textiles, napkins with small delicate flowers, bedspreads, ruffle covers, carved frames of mirrors and paintings create a romantic atmosphere of a bygone era in the room.

Shabby chic living room

A distinctive feature of such an environment is luxury, shabby, but no less brilliant. Shabby chic walls often have white finishes. They can be covered with a light monochromatic paint with a worn effect. Sometimes milky, beige shades are used, it is possible with floral patterns, angels, bouquets, lace prints. Stucco molding is used for the walls — candelabra, sockets, moldings. The floor is wooden, the ceiling is white with a beautiful chandelier.

shabby chic in the interior 1

In a chic living room there is always a place for vintage armchairs, sofas with graceful legs and floral upholstery, antique tables, an antique mirror. A shabby chic chest of drawers resembles a grandmother’s rarity with many carved drawers. Furniture in this vein is light — white, beige or cream shades. A fireplace is often found in a retro interior; it is decorated with stucco molding or an elegant forged grate. Such a hall is a silk box filled with cute trinkets — caskets, candlesticks, clocks, porcelain figurines, photographs in elegant frames.

shabby chic in the interior 2

Shabby chic kitchen

Dining and dining areas with retro furnishings look cute and cozy. Shabby chic in the interior of the kitchen involves the use of vintage sets of pale blue, pale pink, beige, mint, a massive sideboard for porcelain dishes, decorated with drawings. Often, the decoupage technique is used to apply images of birds, angels, flowers to furniture facades. This theme creates an atmosphere of luxury and romanticism in the room. Floral patterns in the interior are found everywhere — on the walls, wallpaper, curtains, furniture, decorations.

shabby chic in the interior 3

A shabby chic table should be made of solid wood, decorated with carvings and voluminous decor. The dining area is complemented by elegant antique chairs with carved legs. The furniture is decorated with tablecloths, covers with ruffles, bows, ribbons with a floral theme. A spectacular addition to the interior will be a shabby chic carpet, it will add comfort and warmth. It is better to choose a lint-free version with a Persian ornament, scuffs, fringe. The situation in this vein involves the use of fresh flowers — in the form of fragrant bouquets in vases or compositions from colorful indoor plants.

shabby chic in the interior 4

Shabby chic bedroom

A recreation area decorated in this vein will become a romantic and pleasant place. A shabby chic bedroom is a real island of bliss and comfort. Light wall decoration makes the room light and airy. The central element of the interior is a large comfortable bed in shabby chic style. The model looks harmoniously with graceful wrought-iron backs or carved wooden parts aged with a patina of light color. You can decorate the bed with an air canopy, a ruffled satin bedspread, a lot of pillows in flower covers.

shabby chic in the interior 5

The shabby chic bedroom in the interior is characterized by snow-white textiles to decorate the sleeping area and window openings. When creating accents, colored embroidery, appliqués on bedspreads and pillows, ties or lambrequins for pastel-colored curtains are used. A chandelier with many hanging decorative elements made of crystal will add luxury to the interior. An invariable attribute of a romantic bedroom is an elegant dressing table with curved legs and a mirror in a vintage frame, a floor lamp made of delicate textiles.

shabby chic in the interior 6

Children’s room in shabby chic style

The luxurious antique design will appeal to any woman, both adult and small. A room for a girl in a shabby chic style with snow-white, pink, bluish, gray shades will delight the young princess. A dressing table with a mirror, an elegant bed with a royal canopy and ruffles, light air curtains with frills, delicate roses in the decor — the perfect setting for a girl’s room or a newborn baby. For a boy, you can use a gray, green, pale blue palette in the interior.

shabby chic in the interior 7

Shabby chic bathroom

The atmosphere of antiquity can also be transferred to the bathroom, in which you need to create a relaxing and peaceful environment. For a shabby chic bathroom, the colors of the finish are suitable — pale blue, light green, snow-white, cream with a partial decor with floral patterns. There should be a mirror on the wall in a stylish frame with silver or gilding and light scuffs. The ceiling can be decorated with a beautiful chandelier with candles, a bath on brass legs is perfect. To store cosmetics, you can use wicker baskets, open shelves or an old cabinet with legs.

shabby chic in the interior 8

Shabby chic design

Antiques and retro interiors are becoming more and more popular. A shabby chic apartment looks like a romantic family nest, where treasured items and tribal traditions are carefully kept. Finishing, chests of drawers, mirrors, numerous decor items, textiles — everything is filled with notes of the good old days. The shabby chic style in a retro interior is especially suitable for those who are not inclined to change their surroundings often, chasing fashion, but carefully store antique furniture and gizmos, giving them a new life. Its main highlight is aged finishing materials, textiles and decor.

Shabby chic curtains

A room in this vein gives the impression of bohemian luxury with an elegant touch of the past. The main task of window decor is to emphasize the aristocracy and presentability of the interior. Flowing silk, satin or transparent linen are selected from fabrics. Shabby chic design uses canvases of the most delicate tones — light mint, ash pink, cream or champagne. Characteristic patterns on the curtains are roses and angels.

shabby chic in the interior 9

The main design feature is layering and frills. The shabby chic style in the interior uses classic curtains, grommets, scalloped canvases, crossed canvases or draped Austrian models. Shuttlecocks are used in any variation. Fabrics are beautifully gathered, complemented by lambrequins, cascades, ruffles, bows. Textile flowers are used as decorations on tiebacks, in the form of hairpins or brooches.

shabby chic in the interior 10

Shabby chic wallpaper

Such an interior requires a certain color scheme. The shabby chic house is finished in a delicate palette. For wall decoration, all shades of cream, pale pink, pale blue, snow-white and other faded tones are suitable. The wallpaper may contain low-contrast small drawings with flowers, peonies, roses, angels and birds on the branches. It is allowed to use a light strip or cage. Canvases should not be bright and colorful.

shabby chic in the interior 11

Shabby chic chandelier

Lighting plays an important role in interior design. Shabby chic lamps should embody luxury and carry a touch of antiquity. For this, classic multi-track crystal chandeliers with candle lamps and shining pendants, candelabra on curved legs, chic curly designs made of aged brass are suitable. Models look romantic, complemented by elegant fabric lampshades of delicate shades, decorated with roses, flowers, glass pendants. You can complement the interior with light floor lamps, decorated with ruffles, rhinestones, beads, draperies.

shabby chic in the interior 12

Shabby chic furniture

Vintage furnishings are the highlight of retro design. For a shabby chic style in the interior, you need to choose furniture made of wood. It is aged and given the appearance of wear. For this, the decoupage technique with the application of floral patterns on the facades is relevant, patina is applied to the protruding elements of the frames and edges, artificial cracks are made on the surface. The color of the furniture is used soft — from white to light gray, pale pink, cream, bluish.

shabby chic in the interior 13

Sofas, beds, armchairs, sideboards, dressing tables are replete with carved elements, curved legs, figured details, gilding in the finish is welcome. A shabby chic room is decorated with delicate textiles, light-colored fabric with floral ornaments is used for upholstery. For the bedroom, beds with elegant wrought-iron headboards are installed; they emphasize the romance and elegance of the interior.

shabby chic in the interior 14

Shabby chic ceramic tiles

Interest in vintage styles requires the use of appropriate finishing materials. Shabby chic design uses decor that enhances the overall direction of the interior. To do this, use ceramic tiles in light pastel colors with a predominance of small floral patterns, with a surface that seems to have worn out over time. Its artificial aging does not affect the strength of the tile. For the floor, a material is used that imitates painted boards or ordinary clay. The effect of worn, cracked tiles enhances the decor of the room in the old style.

shabby chic in the interior 15

Shabby chic in the interior is a combination of pretentiousness and vintage. All elements of the interior attract with luxury and elegance. To create it, you do not need to invest a lot of money. Old furniture and decor items, bought for a penny, are transformed into stylish and charming furnishings with the help of modern techniques. A room decorated in this way will be saturated with notes of nostalgia, it will look romantic, fabulous and very sophisticated and airy. It is easy to plunge into the atmosphere of childhood, pleasant memories and wonderful moments of life.

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