Room for a newborn boy, girl


room for a newborn

The appearance of a baby in the family is a happy event. At this time, parents diligently take care to harmoniously arrange a corner for their baby. A room for a newborn should be practical and aesthetically beautiful. When furnishing it, it is important to pay attention to the needs of the mother, so that caring for a child becomes a joyful and pleasant moment.

Decorating a room for a newborn

For the first period of life in the room for the baby, an atmosphere of calm and tranquility should reign. It is necessary that the children’s room for a newborn becomes comfortable for parents. If mom and dad are balanced and happy, this mood is transmitted to the little man. To create a relaxing atmosphere, soft pastel colors are selected, eco-friendly furniture that is pleasant to the eye, several light sources are thought out, cute decor is used.

Wallpaper for a newborn’s room

To create a calm aura in the baby’s apartment, a neutral color palette for wall decoration is in demand — cream, milky, snow-white, blue, pale pink. A small room for a newborn due to the wallpaper of this range will look visually larger, filled with light. Walls in delicate shades are the perfect backdrop for decor and furnishings.

baby room 1

To dilute the monochrome in the room for the newborn, accent techniques are used — small bright stickers, wallpaper with drawings in some parts of the room, painted with special stencils. Toddlers early begin to pay attention to bright things in the environment and look at them for a long time. The play area can be decorated in a rich way, and the sleeping area — in a more relaxed way.

baby room 2

Furniture for a newborn’s nursery

The most important thing in an apartment for a little one is a crib. It is better to choose a model with sides, gratings, from environmentally friendly material, for example, from natural wood. White, blue, light brown furniture looks nice. If the crib is equipped with wheels, swing rails, a canopy to protect against bright light — this is an additional plus. The baby’s sleeping place must be installed away from drafts, heating radiators — in a quiet and cozy place.

baby room 3

When deciding how to furnish a room for a newborn, it is important not to forget about the convenience for parents. In such a room, a changing table will not interfere, places for storing bed linen, diapers and children’s clothes are required — chests of drawers or a small closet. An open shelving unit on the wall is a great place to hang toys. The place for feeding is equipped with a comfortable chair and a small table nearby. A sofa near the crib will help mom relax next to the baby if necessary.

baby room 4

Lighting in the newborn room

In the room for the baby, the light from the street should come as much as possible. To do this, the design of the room for a newborn provides for a light tulle on the windows, airy and transparent. To create the required level of illumination of the room, several lamps are used in different zones. You can hang wall sconces or a chandelier near the crib, and a floor lamp in the feeding area. It is recommended to leave a night light on while the child sleeps so that there is no absolute darkness, which frightens some children.

baby room 5

Flowers for the newborn’s room

Living greenery creates comfort in our homes, decorates the interior, keeps the air fresh and clean. Plants in the newborn’s room can be used, but carefully select the variety. Flowering varieties are recommended to be removed — pollen can cause an allergic reaction in babies. And pots with lush greenery can be left — they ozonize, moisturize the room and give it a special natural charm.

baby room 6

Ficus, dracaena, aloe, chlorophytum do an excellent job with toxins, purify the air. Coniferous varieties of cypress, spruce and juniper absorb dust and noise, neutralize harmful bacteria. Such plants are desirable in the baby’s room, they can be installed on the windowsill or floor, away from the crib. Along with the use of fresh flowers, the room should be ventilated twice a day.

baby room 7

How to decorate a room for a newborn?

To give the room a playful atmosphere in which it will be interesting for the baby to study the objects around him, decorative notes are added to the design. Newborn room ideas abound with cute decor. A musical mobile or a tree-shaped application is hung above the cradle, additionally decorated with soft lighting; bright pictures are appropriate on the walls. In the play area, images of colorful little animals are relevant, which, as the baby grows up, can be changed to the alphabet, cartoon posters. Bright elements are necessary for the harmonious development of the child.

baby room 8

How to furnish a room for a newborn?

When designing apartments for a baby, safety and functionality come first. It is important to know what should be in the newborn’s room so that the baby and mother feel comfortable. This is a crib and a changing table combined with a chest of drawers, a rocking chair for feeding with armrests, which will help rock the baby. The design of the room, the selection of decor and accessories depends on the gender of the child.

Room for a newborn girl

The classic selection of colors for the apartments of a little princess is a bright or delicate pink tone, lilac, white, pastel or peach colors. The design of a children’s room for a newborn girl is often designed in a classic or Provence style. It attracts with an abundance of ruffles, bows, draperies, an airy canopy over the bed, and charming floral patterns. White furniture on a pink background looks airy. Shabby chic with elaborate ornaments and an abundance of golden hues suits the children’s room.

baby room 9

The bed looks cute, made in the form of a carriage, a round bed, covered with silk draperies. The walls and the chandelier are complemented by bright butterflies (images, voluminous hanging figures). The room is decorated with transparent curtains with tie-backs and folds, a floor mat, mirrors, lamps, drawings, fluffy balls, flags, open shelves. The lovely atmosphere that will surround the growing beauty from childhood will help to bring up a real lady in her.

baby room 10

Room for a newborn boy

Any man from a young age should feel that he belongs to the strong half of humanity. Beige, blue, light blue, white, green gamma will help instill in him determination, perseverance, seriousness. Against its background, a bright bed for a baby looks favorably. Turquoise tones are used to set bright accents. The design of a children’s room for a newborn boy is ascetic in nature, has less elegant decor. The wall can be decorated with photographs, a shelf in the form of a tree, complement the interior with images of multi-colored birds.

baby room 11

A fun design is achieved using colorful polka dot prints on the wallpaper and decorative balloon-shaped lights. A classic setting is easy to decorate with a vintage chest of drawers, a snow-white bed decorated with blue bows and curtains, turquoise curtains. A marine-style newborn room with dark wood furniture, a steering wheel, small bright boats, anchors, ropes, seagulls on white and blue walls is a popular option for a boy’s apartment. Such a design in the future is easy to improve for a grown child.

baby room 12

Room for newborn twins

The interior of the nursery depends on the gender of the child and on the number of kids who will live in it. It is not difficult to allocate space in a room for newborn twins: two beds, a common changing table, a locker, a chair for mom — everything that little ones need for the first time. An interesting idea is to write the names of the babies over the cradles using beautiful letters. It looks original and cute.

baby room 13

The design of the children’s room for a newborn boy and girl provides for dividing it into two parts. Using a color scheme (pink for a daughter, blue for a son), stickers, drawings on the walls, mats for cradles — this is easy to do. For twins of different sexes, you can also use a universal wall scale — white, beige, light green, and designate their personal space with the help of some bright details in the form of bows on the bed.

baby room 14

Design of a room for a newborn and parents

It happens that it is not possible to allocate a separate room for the baby. Then a corner for him is equipped in the bedroom of mom and dad. The room of a newborn child and parents is decorated in soft pastel colors — light gray, beige, cream, white. The space is not loaded with carpets, extra paintings and candlesticks, so that there is free space.

The crib is installed next to the parent, in a bright place. If there is not enough storage space, you can purchase a model with a drawer. It is easy to highlight the child’s area in the room with the help of a canopy or a screen; instead of a changing table, use a bed board. The arrangement of the children’s corner suggests that it should be spacious, lit and well ventilated.

baby room 15

A beautiful room for a newborn due to a well-chosen color palette and accessories from the first days of his life will give him positive feelings — coziness, warmth and comfort. And comfortable furniture, a bed, furnishings, organically arranged functional areas will provide parents with convenience in caring for their treasure, help raise a baby in love and care.


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