Roman blinds for the nursery

Roman blinds for nursery 0

When decorating a child’s room, each parent faces the problem of choosing textiles: on the one hand, they want bright colors and creativity, on the other hand, they want to get a really practical thing. In this case, Roman curtains in the interior of a nursery can be safely called the golden mean.

Roman blinds for a girl’s nursery

It must be admitted that girls are by nature connoisseurs of beauty, therefore, they will even appreciate the curtain if it is truly original. What girl does not dream of a real fairy-tale castle in her room? It is Roman curtains in the nursery that can become an imitation of the view from the window of the castle. The design of the room looks incredibly beautiful when the pattern is repeated on curtains and pillows, as well as in other textile elements.

Roman curtains in the nursery for a girl can be sewn from both transparent and dense material. When it comes to darkening a room that is too sunny, blackout curtains are perfect. They make great friends with a decorative sheer curtain or tulle. If you just need to cover the window a little from prying eyes, just a dense translucent fabric is enough. Images of clear skies, flowers and girls’ favorite hearts are popular here.

For a room dominated by pink tones and bright patterns, plain canvases in pastel colors are more suitable. An ideal tandem in practice is a plain Roman blind and bright colorful curtains. In order not to overload the child’s room with color, experts advise combining several bright textile spots on a calm pastel background.

Roman blind in the children’s room for boys

Curtains in the boy’s room are a completely different matter. In the case of preschool children, a nautical-style Roman blind will be a great solution for a nursery. It is quite possible that your boy will like the image of cars or planes, there are modern solutions with the image of cartoon characters.

As for the color scheme, traditionally the Roman curtain in the children’s room for boys is chosen in blue-blue, green or coffee colors. It is already quite acceptable for a teenager to hang «adult» design options.

If girls in a room often combine a laconic Roman curtain with airy tulle ruffles, then for a boy it is the simplicity of execution that is the preferred option. Whatever Roman blinds you choose for the nursery, the solution will definitely live up to expectations, because the baby will be able to adjust the height of the curtain himself to look at beautiful drawings before going to bed.

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