Roller blinds for the nursery

Roller blinds for the nursery -0

All parents strive to decorate the nursery with safe and environmentally friendly materials. After all, in this room the child spends quite a lot of time. Therefore, curtains on the windows should be chosen from natural fabrics. Roller blinds are very easy to use and attractive in appearance, which can be used to decorate a window in a children’s room. It is better to choose such curtains made of cellulose, linen, cotton.

Roller blinds for a boy’s room

For a boy’s room, it is better to choose short roller blinds. They effectively protect the room from the rays of the sun. At the same time, by choosing the appropriate color of the blinds, you can create an original nursery interior.

The fabric web in such curtains is wound onto a roller, which is attached to the window sash or to the frame. The shade of roller blinds in the boy’s room should be dim.

Roller blinds will look great in the interior of a children’s room, decorated in a marine or sports style. Teenage boys will love the perforated, practical and versatile roller blinds.

Roller blinds in the interior of a nursery for a girl

For a children’s room, girls most often choose roller blinds made from lightweight fabrics: veils, organza, taffeta. They are decorated with flowers, beads, glass beads, ribbons and bows.

Little girls will love the roller blinds with cartoon characters in gold or pink hues. In older girls, tastes change, they may no longer like pink ruffles and frills. Teenagers will like the futuristic patterns on the curtains, and the shades of the roller shutters themselves are preferred to be calmer.

Often, light roller blinds are combined with thick curtains and, conversely, light-protective roller blinds are combined with airy organza. Roller blinds will look especially good, the color scheme of which echoes the rest of the textiles in the children’s room.

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