Puzzle carpet for children

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A puzzle carpet is a kind of floor covering made of foamed polyethylene with a rough surface and consisting of separate blocks, which, in turn, can consist of smaller parts. These rugs have become very popular for some time now, as they are liked by children and their parents.

Why do you need a puzzle carpet for children?

A soft puzzle carpet for children performs several functions at once: it is a floor covering that protects the baby from cold and hard floors, while at the same time it acts as a toy that a child can get carried away with for a very long time.

During such a game, the baby develops motor skills, thinking, and imagination, since he can build not only in a horizontal plane, but also build various spatial three-dimensional figures. A wide variety of plots allows you to direct the development and knowledge of children in one direction or another.

Another important point is the healing effect of the puzzle carpet for children, when the soft floor with its massage surface helps to fight flat feet. Not to mention the aesthetic side of the issue — such a rug perfectly decorates and complements the interior of the nursery.

How to choose a puzzle carpet for children on the floor?

It is interesting for children to play on the rug from the moment they start crawling, and it remains in demand right up to primary school age. And in order to provide the child with a high-quality and safe product, you need to choose it with great care.

Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer and the availability of certificates of compliance with quality standards. You can determine the quality of the product even with the help of a simple sense of smell — if the rug “carries” with rubber and some other chemistry, it is better to refuse it.

No less responsibly should be taken to the theme of the images on the carpet. Remember that as the child grows, the interests of the child will change, therefore it is better to immediately purchase something universal, suitable for different ages.

Cognitive mats with numbers, letters, animals are optimal. Also, children really like rugs with printed roads, houses, that is, made in the form of a playground. If the child is old enough to choose topics on his own, let him take part in the process.

The size of the rug also matters. So, a large puzzle carpet for children will contain more useful information and allow you to create on a large scale. Of course, it is necessary that the child’s room be able to accommodate such a rug.

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