purple curtains

purple curtains

Violet is a rather complex color, with a large number of shades and difficult combinations with other tones. That is why many are afraid to use this color in the interior. However, in small quantities, for example, as purple curtains, it can decorate the room and give it personality.

Rules for using purple curtains

If you decide to decorate the room with purple curtains, then first you need to learn a few rules for handling this shade of the color wheel. Firstly, you can’t overdo it with purple, otherwise it can begin to have an unpleasant, oppressive effect on the psyche, seem sad and depressive. Curtains of this color will be enough. If you want to do something else with purple, choose a different shade of it, different from the one that decorates the windows. Secondly, in rooms that are too small, purple, especially its dark colors, narrow the space even more, but in large rooms, even dark tones, such as eggplant, will look rich. Finally, before you combine purple with other bright colors, think carefully, because such a design move can create the effect of ripples in the eyes. It is better to choose pure classic shades in the company of purple: white, black, gray.

Purple curtains in the interior

Purple curtains will fit perfectly into the living room, as this is usually a fairly large room. It is worth choosing exquisite shades of purple. It is desirable that the curtains be plain or decorated with a discreet pattern. It is also important to combine the shade of warmth / coldness with the color of the walls and furniture. Warm purples have red or orange undertones, cool purples have blue undertones.

Only purple curtains of light shades are suitable for the nursery. Take a closer look at lavender, lilac, bleached purple and violet-pink colors. They will not create an oppressive atmosphere in the room. Their appearance will be gentle, but at the same time perky enough to please the child.

It is better to refuse purple curtains in the bedroom if this room is not striking in its size or is poorly lit. If the situation is the opposite, then purple curtains in the bedroom can become the main bright accent. In support of them, you can buy a few small pillows or find a picture on the wall in purple tones, but no more, a purple carpet on the floor will already be superfluous. If you really want to equip a completely purple room, then choose a good lighting option and use different shades.

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