Provence style tiles


Provence style tiles

The romantic and gentle Provence style is found in the interiors of many houses and apartments. It is characterized by the use of natural materials, the simplicity of rectilinear forms, as well as pastel shades in the design. One of the components that can emphasize the charm of a rustic setting is Provence style tiles. Most often it is used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Provence style tiles for the kitchen

In the Provence kitchen, you can use ceramic tiles with floral motifs and ornaments. Provence-style wall tiles can be plain, but in exceptionally light and warm shades: beige, white, gray, pink, etc.

Today, when decorating walls in a rustic-style kitchen, glossy white brick-like or boar-like tiles, as it is also called, are increasingly being used. Such a coating goes well with any shade of a kitchen set. Unity with nature can also be emphasized by tiles imitating natural stone.

On a Provence-style apron, it is better to use small ceramic tiles. The tile covering decorated with fruits, vegetables, dishes looks beautiful on the wall. You can decorate an apron with photo tiles depicting, for example, a rural landscape.

Provence style bathroom tiles

To decorate the walls in the bathroom, ceramic tiles of pastel shades are suitable: pale green, pale blue, terracotta, olive. Its elements can be both smoothly colored and decorated with floral or floral ornaments. In the bathroom, glossy tiles will look spectacular, but matte ceramic coating looks no less beautiful.

Provence style floor tiles

To finish the floor in the kitchen or in the Provence bathroom, it is better to use large ceramic tiles. Emphasize the style of ceramic flooring under wood or stone. Such a coating can be decorated with mosaics, skirting boards, borders. A bathroom with a diagonal tile layout will look stylish.


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