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Provence style bathroom - design ideas that will help create coziness

Love the atmosphere of the French province, then use the simple Provence design style in your design. It is reminiscent of the warm sun, sea, lavender fields and other details of French villages. The Provence-style bathroom looks great, which turns out to be comfortable and attractive, with a touch of chic.

Provence style bathroom design

If you prefer simplicity and lightness, then pay attention to the Provencal style. It is characterized by simplicity in interior design, the presence of floral prints, natural shades, unity with nature and «worn». It is important to bear in mind that Provence-style bathroom decoration is not suitable for small rooms, so in urban small bathrooms you have to combine a bathroom and a toilet.

The interior of the bathroom should take into account the following features:

  1. Floor decoration. To get closer to the Provencal style, the floor must be made of wood or stone. In stores, there is a wide selection of tiles that imitate the structure of different materials. Please note that the floor should be darker than the ceiling and walls.
  2. Provence style bathroom design

  3. Wall decoration. If possible, it is better to implement the Provence-style bathroom decoration in the form of stone or brick laying. Walls can be plastered and painted. Another option is clad walls with painted boards, which add coziness, but it should be borne in mind that such a finish can visually reduce the space. Designers recommend combining different materials, for example, 1/3 of the wall below can be covered with wood panels, and wallpaper can be glued on top. Choose one range of colors for decoration among the many light shades of the palette. The walls will be decorated with tiles that repeat different textures, for example, similar to old worn walls or plaster. An interesting design solution in the absence of a real window is a false window, which is divided into several cells with LED backlighting.
  4. Provence style bathroom design

  5. Ceiling decoration. The Provence style bathroom has a whitewashed or painted ceiling. If there are no windows in the room, then you can install a plasterboard ceiling with different options for artificial lighting. You can use modern stretch ceilings for decoration in Provencal style. It is important to buy a matte and plain canvas. The choice should be stopped on light shades, for example, white, beige or cream. Another solution is to install false beams on the ceiling to give the room a natural look.
  6. Provence style bathroom design

  7. Lighting. Provence is characterized by natural light, but if it is not there, then the landmark is made in bright artificial light. Choose chandeliers and lamps that should be decorated in the same antique style. Lighting devices can have forged accessories and fittings.
  8. Provence style bathroom design

  9. Door. The central element in interior design is the door. It is important to avoid plastic products when choosing wood. Doors should be painted and look like old ones to give the impression that they are from ancient times. The handle on the door must be metal and original if it has an unusual shape. An excellent solution is forging or casting.
  10. Provence style bathroom design

  11. Appliances. It is impossible to imagine a bathroom in the Provence style or in another design without household appliances, but it should be borne in mind that the Provencal style does not allow the use of any modern items. The boiler, washing machine and other appliances should be hidden in cabinets.

Provence bathroom tiles

When choosing a tile for finishing the bathroom, consider the characteristic details of the Provencal style:

  1. Color solutions. Provence-style tiles for the bathroom should be muted, but not faded. The following colors are popular: olive, sand, lemon, lavender and other pastel shades. For the background, white or beige is more often used.
  2. Ornaments. Provence is characterized by such patterns: flowers, grass, small bouquets and other pastoral compositions. Ornamented tiles can be chosen to highlight a wall or to make a decoration.
  3. Texture. A Provence-style bathroom can be tiled with a matte or glossy surface. Tiles that are identical to the texture of wood are ideal for walls and floors.
  4. Tile layout. More often, diagonal tile laying is used to give French chic to a room.

Provence bathroom tiles

Bathroom sink in Provence style

When choosing plumbing for this style, keep in mind that it is characterized by oval shapes. Designers allow the use of rectangular shells, but with rounded corners. The washbasin should fit the chosen style, and be made of porcelain, marble and even metal. The Provence-style bathroom will look original, where the sink has the shape of a bowl or a tulip. The washbasin can stand on legs, but more often it is mounted in a cabinet or whatnot.

bathroom sink in Provence style

A Provence-style bathroom cannot be perfect without a properly selected main item — a bathtub, and it is better if it is cast iron. If it is not possible to find such an option, then buy acrylic products that look no different from traditional cast iron vessels. Do not forget about the need to pay attention to the shape, which should be oval. Not a superfluous element are the legs of the font, which should be exquisite and even fanciful shape, made of cast iron or bronze. If the bath does not have legs, then it can be covered with a screen.

Provence style bathroom faucets

In order not to stand out from the general style, faucets and faucets should look antique, as if they have already served for more than one century. It is clear that they are ultra-modern, although they have an old design. The Provence bathroom should have curved faucets and curly elements. Buy faucets made of bronze, copper, nickel, or brass, which may have porcelain, chrome, or gold details.

Provence style bathroom faucets

Curtains in the bathroom in Provence style

When choosing textiles for the right finish, the following rules must be considered:

  1. The cut should be as simple as possible and close to the rustic design.
  2. A Provence-style bathroom in a small apartment can be decorated with curtains with such a print: flowers, medium-sized stripes, checks, or pastoral “engravings”.
  3. It is important to use natural fabrics, so the most popular are cotton and linen curtains.
  4. Curtains for the Provence style have a discreet background, and fabric is taken for them, as if it had faded in the sun or had already been washed many times.

Provence bathroom curtains

Provence bathroom screen

To close communications that are hidden under the bathroom, a screen is often used. It can be fixed, that is, as part of a wall, or it can consist of two doors. In the second case, the place under the bath can be used to store detergents. To support the Provence-style bathroom interior, the screen can be made of wood if it is movable. Otherwise, a suitable tile will do.

Provence bathroom screen

Provence style bathroom towel holder

Without this element, it is difficult to imagine a bathroom, so you need to carefully choose the holder so that it does not stand out from the general style. The Provence-style bathroom interior prefers wrought iron elements, which should be considered when choosing a towel holder that can be mounted on the wall or be a freestanding design element. In the first case, you can also find wooden options that have decoration in the form of a picture.

Provence style bathroom towel holder

Bath mats Provence

When choosing a carpet, you need to take into account the features of the Provencal style:

  1. Such carpets are characterized by signs of aging.
  2. Common colors are: beige, sand, pink, gray, purple and so on. All shades are pastel. If you have a blue bathroom in the Provence style or any other color, you will certainly find a suitable carpet. It should be borne in mind that it can have different patterns, for example, color motifs, ribbons, fruits, branches with leaves, and so on.
  3. Provencal carpets are made from natural materials, so you can find woolen and silk models, as well as options from viscose and cotton.

Provence bath mats

Provence style bathroom accessories

To get a beautiful and holistic design, you need to pay attention to small details. Provence stands out among other styles with the greatest variety of decor. Popular Provence bathroom accessories: wicker coasters and drawers, plaster moldings and paintings in wooden frames. On the shelves you can place dispenser sets with different patterns, porcelain vases and jugs, vintage bottles and scented candles. To store dirty laundry, it is recommended to buy high linen baskets made of wicker or rattan.

Provence style bathroom accessories

Provence style bathroom furniture

The amount of furniture that can be used to decorate a bathroom depends on its size. In most cases, this is a cabinet under the sink, a wardrobe and hanging shelves. If square meters allow, then you can put chairs, racks and other items. Provence bathroom furniture should have a simple design, smooth shapes and carved decorative elements. In the list of allowed materials: wood and metal. As for colors, choose pastel shades with a touch of patina.

Cabinet in the bathroom in Provence style

Even in a small bathroom there is a place for a cabinet where you can hide the necessary accessories. For this style, the best solution would be enameled wooden furniture with opening doors and drawers. Provence bathroom cabinet can be installed under the washbasin or placed separately. Forged legs and handles will be a great addition.

bathroom cabinet in Provence style

Provence bathroom cabinet

If there is free space, then you can purchase a tall cabinet for storing towels, bathrobes and other accessories for the bathroom. Cabinets with open shelves or with closing doors are allowed, which can be completely glass or decorated with fabric curtains. Such furniture can be floor, hanging and corner. It is stylized antique, has curved lines, beautiful carved legs and original handles. The wardrobe in the Provence style bathroom should be wooden, but with different overhead elements.

Provence bathroom cabinet

Provence bathroom mirror

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a mirror, which is placed above the sink. The Provence style is characterized by small reflective surfaces. Pay attention to the frame, which can be made of baguette. It, like Provence bathroom furniture, can be wooden and have a simple shape and shade, identical to the chosen color scheme for the entire design. It is important not to forget about the details, so the gaps on the frames, slight damage to the amalgam and wide bevel will be appropriate. In addition, you can purchase a mirror with a forged frame.

Provence bathroom mirror

Shelf in the bathroom in Provence style

Hanging and floor shelves are popular in the Provence style. They are used to store towels, various shampoos and gels, and other accessories. Such Provence-style bathroom furniture can be open, have doors, or you can hang curtains from the same fabric as on the windows. It is important that all furniture items are similar and better from the same collection.

Provence style bathroom shelf


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