Provence living room


Provence living room

Any design style turns out to be truly cozy, if you pay attention to every little thing. It is not enough just to buy furniture and wallpapers from the collection we need, here we will have to select all the content step by step. The interior of the living room in the Provence style at first glance may seem simple. But rest assured, the process of choosing floral wallpaper and natural fabric curtains for a Provence living room is still a test for the inexperienced.

We create a living room design in Provence style

  1. Traditionally, work begins with the decoration of the walls. Provence style wallpaper in a flower for the living room they will fit perfectly, but it will not be a bright and large print, but a small one with a medium one. Flowers are also not exotic, but simple, preferably wild. The modern approach involves the use of wallpaper for painting with shades of Provence in the interior of the living room.
  2. Choice curtains in the living room in Provence style — also not an easy task. It all depends on which direction you choose. The fact is that Provence can be either simple rustic or more refined aristocratic. It is these two components that have become the highlight of the style. Provence living room simplicity will add linen and cotton curtains, a transparent curtain and tulle will bring elegance. But regardless of the choice of fabric, the design of the window will be simple, without complex details and elements.
  3. Provence living room furniture — generally a separate issue. The fact is that there are both ready-made collections with exquisite curves and thin legs just for the design of a living room in the Provence style, as well as furniture with the effect of aging, using craquelure and decoupage. In any case, the interior of the living room in the Provence style involves filling with objects made of ash, walnut and oak. It can be either painted in pastel colors or remain in the natural color of the wood.

In most cases, there is a Provence-style living room design with a fireplace, because a fireplace was an indispensable attribute of the house. It can rightly be considered the center of the furnishings of the entire first floor. Often there is an open-plan Provence-style kitchen-living room design. And here, it is around the fireplace that a recreation area will be equipped, the rest is reserved for the area of ​​​​cooking and eating. Traditionally, in the living-dining room in the Provence style, an island version of the arrangement of the working area is used.


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