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Provence style is characterized by restraint and calmness. And, at the same time, it has a very romantic character. Provence lamps are often made from natural materials and painted in shades of natural colors: white, blue, olive, lilac and brown are the most popular in this style.

Selection of Provence lamps

If you decide to furnish the premises in this variety of country style, then it is quite logical that the question arises of choosing the right lamp. For a large room, it is best to first choose a beautiful Provence chandelier, which will take center stage on the ceiling and will go well with the color scheme of the walls and furniture in this room.

Further, you can pick up Provence wall lamps for it and place them in places where stronger lighting is needed, for example, near a desktop or chair where you plan to spend time reading books, newspapers and magazines. Lights are best combined with the upholstery of the furniture or the color of the curtains and curtains in the room.

If there is no desire to spoil the wall covering or you want to choose a mobile version of the lighting fixture, then it is best to complement the decor with Provence style table lamps.

But in a small room, you can do without a chandelier by placing several Provence ceiling pendant lights around the perimeter of the room, creating a coherent composition.

Provence lamps for bathroom and kitchen

Separately, a few words should be said about the choice of Provence style lamps for the kitchen and bathroom, because these rooms have special operating conditions. So, you should not purchase options for these rooms made from materials exposed to fire or moisture, such as wood, textiles or paper, because they will quickly become unusable. It is better to choose lamps made of metal and glass. In addition, for these rooms it is desirable to use luminaires with a closed ceiling, in which the lamp and cartridge are protected from water.

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